Oh, Italy. Take me back!

I’ve been Italy dreaming again… I fell so hard in love with that beautiful pasta-loving country on our road trip last Summer, that I’m now (again), really aching to go back.

Let’s take a trip down memory lane and find out why I am so in love with Italy…

Italy dreaming | Cozy morning in Lake Como

Cozy mornings in Lake Como

Mostly I’m dreaming back to cozy mornings in Lake Como. That lake sure is beautiful. And so was our hotel room view. I mean, look at the photo above, that’s the view we had from our hotel room… Oh if I could teleport myself back to the moment the photo was shot, I’d do it right-this-second!

Crisp, white hotel bed-sheets, open window doors, a 30 degreebreeze” and a dreamy view of the lake that is said to be the most beautiful one in the world. COME ON.

Italy dreaming | Cozy morning in Lake Como

And here’s another photo memory from that same morning, and same location, as the first photo. Shot at the beach, just a few steps from our hotel.

Seriously now, have I been dreaming, is this place even real..?

Italy dreaming | The absolutely stunning Dolomites

The absolutely stunning Dolomites

Another Italian destination that I fell completely in love with, and that I’m now also sharing photo memories from, is the absolutely stunning Dolomites.

This breathtaking mountain range located in northeastern Italy, at an approximately 5-hour drive from Lake Como, or 2 and a half hour drive from Venice (we chose the latter) – is probably one of the most stunning places on earth that I have ever been to. And I have been to some pretty cool places.

Italy dreaming | The absolutely stunning Dolomites

Did I mention the Dolomites are breathtaking ?

I mean look, LOOK! The views from the top of Sass Pordoi (which was at approximately 3000 meters over sea-level) were absolutely breathtaking. It was pure magic standing up there, looking out over the endless mountaintops.

That feeling that I felt when this photo was taken, the feeling of freedom, is one that I’d love to feel again someday. Preferably from standing at that exact same spot, in the Dolomites, in one of the countries that I love the most; Italy.


  1. 02/08/2019 / 15:29


    I read your post and it is so interesting and makes me motivated to go there one day. Thanks!!

    When i think about Italy, i always focus my mind in food, history and culture. Your post gives me another angle and reason to be there one day, i like exploring the nature with such a beautiful scenery coverd with ton of goergeous mountains and river.

    Definetely, i will be there.

    Best wishes,


    • Hanna
      02/08/2019 / 22:57

      Hi Nandih, and thank you so much for commenting. Such kind words, thank you so much! I hope to see you again here on my blog 🙂 Br, Hanna

  2. 02/08/2019 / 19:30

    Hi! I love your post, it’s so natural. I would love to see more pictures.

    • Hanna
      02/10/2019 / 00:13

      Yeah Italy is amazing 🙂 I would love to live there for some time <3

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