When I started my own company and became a freelancer in November last year, I immediately started to rent a desk at a local marketing agency/co-working space. I did so because I thought that I needed the support, company and “safety”.

But now, after 3 months – I finally realized that what I really need to be is FREE. So, no more office days. My desk at Bertills & Jung is AVAILABLE! Hit them up here.

No more office days

I need to be free

You see, the main reason why I even wanted to start my own company and become a freelancer was that I wanted to have more freedom. I had a strong need to be free.

I thought I’d still have that feeling of freedom when I worked at the Bertills & Jung office, but somehow I didn’t. Nor did I even go into the office most days… And every day that I skipped the office, I felt like I was letting someone down (not a great feeling to live with).

Now that I’ve called the quits on my spot at their office, I finally feel free again. And I love it. It even feels like I’ve gained some new energy!

Not that I didn’t like having a desk at Bertills & Jung. Quite the opposite actually, I loved it! And I was so honored that I even got to rent a desk over there, and be a part of their little “co-working-crew”. But, freedom is apparently more important to me than to be a part of an office community, at the moment.

No more office days

Work dates at cafés

Now that I am free again, and don’t have an office that I “have to go to”, I can work from wherever I want.. The couch, the kitchen table, the bed… AND, I can go on work dates at cafés with inspiring women like Sandra and Julia, like I did today.

Being a freelancer and having my own company is awesome!


Hi I’m Hanna (Hananaa) and I’m the author of this blog. I live for web marketing and wanderlust (I’ve travelled to 18 countries and counting). Please say ‘HI’ in the comment field and tell me what you thought of this post ♥


    • Hanna
      02/07/2019 / 09:52

      It is amazing, but also challenging 🙂 It’s definitely not for anyone, but if you really want it – it really is a dream job! <3

  1. 02/10/2019 / 18:16

    The freedom of working from wherever sounds like the best thing of being your own boss. Nice blog by the way!

    • Hanna
      02/10/2019 / 22:25

      Yes it definitely is 🙂 Oh thank you so much, means the world!

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