I gotta admit that I fell in love with the streets of Tallinn while we were there a few weeks ago. I had been there once before, but never just “walked around sight-seeing”. Not that we did a lot of sight-seeing during our weekend there, but we did walk some, in the old town.

Now I can’t wait for Summer so that I can go back there and have a look at what Tallinn is like in the Summer. I’ve only heard good things, so I’m hoping for the best. Oh if it only were Summer soon…

Streets of Tallinn

“It’s like Game of Thrones”

My hotel-weekend roomie Josefin thought that the old town of Tallinn looked like Game of Thrones, and I can’t but agree. All of the forth-like looking buildings, old churches, pebbled streets… The city’s got a really old vibe, and I like it!

Streets of Tallinn

A visit to Telliskivi

When I go back to Tallinn in the Summer, I really need to pay Telliskivi a visit, it’s supposed to be the “hip area where every cool kid goes”.

Can’t wait to explore the area and all of the restaurants! We had plans on going there on our influencer trip -weekend, but there was unfortunately never any time for it then, we simply had too much stuff going on.

Oh wait, now I remembered that we DID go to Telliskivi! But only to visit the designer Reet Aus, so no “just walking around”.

Streets of Tallinn

Christmas trees, in January..?

One thing that me and Josefin reacted on, and thought was really strange, was that they still sold Christmas trees in Tallinn..? Isn’t that strange..? I mean, it was the last weekend of January… Oh well, it was a cozy sight seeing all of the Christmas trees nevertheless.

Streets of Tallinn

Tallinn is cold in January, COLD!!

One particular realization that we all had (and also kind of expected) was that Tallinn is cold in January, very COLD! Some us came prepared, while others (like myself) walked around freezing our asses off. Tallinn still looked pretty though and we had fun nevertheless.

Have YOU ever been to Tallinn..?

But hey, what about you, have YOU ever been to Tallinn..?
And if so, what was your experience like..? ♥


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  1. 02/05/2019 / 08:50

    Åh, jag älskar Tallinn! Vi är där flera gånger om året och det finns alltid något nytt att se och upptäcka. Det är fortfarande billigt (eller i alla fall billigare) än Finland och vi brukar passa på att njuta. Äta och dricka gott, shoppa, gå på spa… Bara vandra runt i gamla stan, Telliskivi eller Pirita. Tallinn hör nog till en av mina favoritstäder i världen faktiskt 🙂

    • Hanna
      02/05/2019 / 09:15

      Men vad roligt att det är en av dina favoritstäder i världen 🙂 Jag har tidigare inte alls varit intresserad av Tallinn, men efter att ha jobbat väldigt mycket med kollegor från Tallinn, så har jag definitivt blivit mer intresserad. Och nu efter två besök dit är jag också helt såld! Och estländarna är ju så trevliga, och har en speciell & rolig humor! 🙂

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