Well, things doesn’t always go as planned… The plan was to go snowmobiling today, or just go and watch snowmobiling, as the original plan was. Long story short: it didn’t turn out that way. So instead I spent my Saturday morning in bed, reading a little.

OK to be really honest I mostly shot pictures, #bloggerlife, lol. Oh well.

Saturday morning in bed

The rest of this Saturday

So what about the rest of the day then..? I think I’ll just chill at home. And when I say “chill” I actually don’t mean “chill”. I rarely “just chill”. No, when I say “chill” I mean that I’ll be working, editing photos for the blog and social media accounts, cleaning the apartment, going out for a walk, maybe doing a workout, watching some educational Youtube-videos and so on. The usual.

Saturday morning in bed

Not good at taking time off

I have to admit that I am really bad at taking time off. Even when I was a full-time employee… I just couldn’t stop thinking about work in the weekends! I guess that happens when you’re really passionate about what you work with.

But as that kind of person, I think it’s so much better to be self-employed. Because then you don’t have to work all day, every weekday. To balance out the weekend-work, I CAN take a day off in the middle of the week if I feel like it. And that really makes all the difference in the world, then it doesn’t matter that I work all weekend. I can take some time off to relax any other regular day, if I feel like it, and really need it.

Saturday morning in bed

All the best Saturday wishes to you

OK enough blabbing from my part. Now I need to do some ACTUAL work, and not “only” blogging… Take care and all the best Saturday wishes to you! ♥


    • Hanna
      02/02/2019 / 20:48

      Yes it’s been a great one! I hope that you’ve had a wonderful Saturday too 🙂 <3

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