I can’t believe that it’s been over 10 years since I started blogging. I remember how I started my first blog right after school ended in my last year in high school, in the Spring of 2008, or was it in the Spring of 2007 – in the second year of high school even..? Gosh, time flies…

I had been writing a diary on a social platform called Lunarstorm for years and was used to writing for an online audience. Then this new phenomenon called “blogs” started popping up out of nowhere. I remember reading Ebba Von Sydows blog on and thinking that “wow, I need to start blogging too”!

Said and done, I started my own first blog, and started haring daily blog posts about my life! To be quite honest, it was mostly pictures of flowers and my outfits, lol.

My history as a blogger

All kinds of blogs and thousands of blogposts

Blogging was, is and will always be my thing. Sharing thoughts and pictures on the web is what I’m all about, and have been doing for over 10 years now.

After I started blogging in 2008, I just kept going. I’ve had several kinds of blogs, and at times several blogs at one time (at most I think I had 3 blogs that I maintained). I’ve also been blogging on different kinds of platforms; Metro, Veckorevyn, Blogger/Blogspot, Nouw, Devote,, and now WordPress. I am sure that I even forgot about a few platforms… Ugh, it’s been a blogging adventure!

I’ve also been a guestblogger at two places, for a small Finnish webshop called Westyle (not around anymore) and for american online magazine Teen Vogue. I’ve done dozens of blog collaborations, and collaborated with cool brands/shops like Young British Designers, Borsalino, VILA, Daniel Wellington, Matchesfashion, JORD wood watches and so on. And of course, I’ve written and published thousands of blogposts. I can’t even imagine the sum of images for the blog I must have shot and edited… Whoa!

My history as a blogger
My history as a blogger

I could’ve made it

Back in 2012 I was spitting out several blog posts a day, and had a large amount of dedicated followers. I was doing various collaborations and I had adlinks earning me money all over my blog. I was putting so much time into blogging and building a “name” for myself as a blogger. But, it was a struggle, and it was hard and I was doubting if I was ever gonna make it.

Then, in the middle of it all, I went to Los Angeles to do an internship. While I was in LA I got carried away and kind of “forgot” about my blogging dreams… Of course, when you don’t blog as much and don’t put time into humoring your followers – you drop in both followers and your own enthusiasm.

My history as a blogger

Second try as a blogger

When I got back from LA, I kept going as a blogger. I gave it a second try and did have some of my followers still following me and cheering me on… But then, I broke up with my ex, moved around a lot, worked a lot and took up my university studies again. Imagine what happened to my blogging… Ugh!

My Pinterest had however grown a lot, and all of a sudden I was pinning like a maniac, doing collaborations on my Pinterest-account instead. Somehow my Pinterest started to shuffle over followers from there to my blog, and my blog came to life again! Suddenly I also started getting all kind of job offers as a freelancer, via my blog.

But, while all of this was happening, I applied for a job at a beauty brand/e-commerce, and kind of got it. So, what was I gonna do… I took the full-time job, and at the same time my passion & time for my blog and social media accounts got buried.

My history as a blogger
My history as a blogger

…and now I’m back at square one, again!

Three years at the beauty brand/e-commerce taught me a lot, and I did have a great time. But there was always something missing, and that was my freedom to be creative on my own terms! So, at last I quit my job as a successful Content & Social Media Manager, to become a freelancing marketing consultant but also to put more time & effort in blogging and my social media accounts again.

So here I am, back at square one, again! Trying to make it. But mostly, finding my way back to ME again. And my passion. The one who lives for writing and posting pictures online. I believe that this is my true calling, I want to inspire people by sharing my thoughts, and sharing my pictures. But I also want to help people via my business as a freelance marketing consultant, I want to help businesses and “ordinary people” to make it in this jungle of the web and social media. I love this jungle, and I plan on living in this jungle for a long, long time… I have my dream job, and I hope that you will stick around and follow me on this journey ♥

PS! So sorry about the quality of the images in this post… I’ve deleted most of my old blog pictures, and posts. But I found these circling around on Pinterest, and just had to share them even though the quality isn’t the original one.


    • Hanna
      02/01/2019 / 21:19

      Nåmen tack 🙂 Man har ju nog kämpat på länge… Och det har ju du också! ♥

  1. 02/03/2019 / 19:17

    Håller med Sandra, så kul att läsa om din blogghistoria – hade ingen aning! Och välkommen tillbaka 😉 Men alltså – har du deletat allt det gamla?! Finns det inte sparat någonstans? Och hur känner du kring det? Haha (jag har kvar allt förutom den Spotlife-blogg som råkade raderas, har precis som du flyttat runt bland många plattformar)..

    • Hanna
      02/04/2019 / 10:47

      Hehe tack! Näe var rätt anonym mot svenskfinland (& Sverige) på den tiden, hade mest amerikanska läsare 🙂 Yes, har lätt för att ta beslut – och tog helt enkelt bara det beslutet att allt gammalt ska bort! Kan hända jag ångrar det nån dag, men, gjort är gjort 😀 Har lite blandade känslor kring det, haha! Oj Spotlife, det hade jag glömt bort, där har jag också bloggat!

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