Last week I spent one night at Clarion Hotel Helsinki. It was my second time at the hotel (my first time at the hotel was in the Summer of 2018 while on a business trip). On my first stay (which also was a one-night-stay) I stayed in a “classic” room, but this time I decided to upgrade to a “superior” room – just to get access to slippers and a bathrobe, lol. What can I say, I like having a bit of luxury when I travel!

Clarion hotel Helsinki
Clarion hotel Helsinki magical sunset

Magical start to my stay

My one-night-stay at Clarion Hotel Helsinki got off to a really magical start this time around. I mean, look at the sunset pictures above! It was absolutely magical to watch the sun hide behind the beautiful hotel towers. So magical that I, in fact, missed my bus while I was shooting these pictures, lol. Oh well, anything for a good shot of the sunset, right?

Clarion hotel Helsinki room view

My favorites things about the hotel

One of my absolute favorite things about the hotel is the hotel room view. I stayed on the 15th floor (which I also did last time), and I had this amazing view of Helsinki that you can see above. I definitely recommend asking for a room in one of the top floors, it is worth it! Imagine watching the sunrise over Helsinki from here – ah… Unfortunately, it was really cloudy during my stay, so I didn’t see the sunrise this time – but I’m hoping for clear skies and the most beautiful sunrise the next I’m staying there (yeah I’m sure there will be a next time, I really like this hotel!).

My favorite things about Clarion Hotel Helsinki
My favorite things about Clarion Hotel Helsinki
My favorite things about Clarion Hotel Helsinki
My favorite things about Clarion Hotel Helsinki

Minimalistic, Scandinavian hotel room decor

Another one of my favorite things about Clarion Hotel Helsinki is the minimalistic, scandinavian hotel room decor! I love the browns, whites, greys, and blues of the room. Simple, yet classy! Love it.

My favorite things about Clarion Hotel Helsinki

Big mirrors for outfit pictures

Yet another great thing about the rooms at Clarion Hotel Helsinki are the big mirrors – they’re great for taking pictures in of your outfit! Please don’t laugh at my pose, haha.

My favorite things about Clarion Hotel Helsinki

Good selfie-light

…and the big sea-view windows in the rooms provide a really great selfie-light!
A big plus when you’re a blogger/influencer.

Rooftop pool at Clarion Hotel Helsinki
Modern gym at Clarion Hotel Helsinki

Rooftop pool and a modern gym

On the top floor of the hotel you can either relax in the rooftop pool with a fabulous view over Helsinki, or sweat your ass off at the gym – or why not both? I had plans on going for a swim, but ran out of time and ended up prioritizing the gym over the pool. But oh well, I’ll try the pool next time… Preferably in the Summer, when it’s a bit warmer up there! Sure, the pool is heated – but the air was of course really chilly while I was there. I imagine it’s better for an always-freezing-person like myself in the Summer time.

Breakfast at Clarion Hotel Helsinki
Breakfast at Clarion Hotel Helsinki

A big breakfast buffet

When I choose a hotel, it’s important that they have a good (and BIG) breakfast buffet. And yes, this is something that Clarion Hotel Helsinki has! There are in fact all kinds of breakfast options in their breakfast buffet, you can even order an omelet of your choice – which is pretty fancy!

As a gluten-intolerant (and lactose-intolerant) person, the “special-diet” table is always a place of interest for me, and luckily, Clarion Hotel Helsinki has a really good one! They even have a separate bread toaster for gluten-free bread – which is rare and very much appreciated.

Bathrobe at Clarion Hotel Helsinki

Just a pinch of criticism

Now I’ve written a whole blog post with lots of good words about Clarion Hotel Helsinki… But, I also have to give the hotel just a pinch of criticism!

You see, I upgraded to a superior-room thinking that it would be a different kind of room than their classic-rooms… But it turns out that the only thing that was different in the superior room was that I had slippers and a bathrobe..! Of course, that was what I was expecting, but I still find it strange that that’s the only thing that separates a classic room from a superior room..?

Clarion Hotel Helsinki superior room

Will be going back

All in all it was a good one-night-stay, and I will be going back.

Funny thing: I found the book above in my room. But why does it say “Get me out of here”? Lol. You’d think the book would say “Let me stay here forever” here instead. Oh well, not everything is meant to be understood…

Lastly, have you ever stayed at Clarion Hotel Helsinki..? And if so, what was your experience like? ♥

Clarion Loves You ♥

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