I’m a romantic. And as a romantic person I like to buy my boyfriend gifts, because I feel romantic by doing so. Of course, he’s not the kind of person who’s into receiving gifts – he says it feels like I’m “buying his love”… Which is so annoying and ungrateful of him, right?! But I don’t care, I still keep buying him romantic travel souvenirs whenever I travel without him, lol.

Romantic travel souvenirs

LOVE wine

When we were in Tallinn this weekend, well actually on the boat home from Tallinn, I found a bottle of red wine (Argentinian Cabernet Sauvignon, yum) with the text “LOVE” on it, and I immediately thought; “I need to buy this for my boyfriend”. Said and done, so I did. I mean, it is pretty romantic to buy someone a bottle of red wine with the text “LOVE” on it, right..?

But still, when I got home and showed it to him, he was like: “are you trying to buy my love now again?”. LIKE WHAT. Ungrateful prick, lol. No but I know that him and I are very different. He never buys me stuff, and I buy him stuff all the time – we’re just different that way. Of course it is a bit annoying for me, as a believer of “buying gifts as a romantic gesture” I would love to receive gifts – but nah.

Romantic travel souvenirs

I buy romantic travel souvenirs because I can

I’ve recently realized that I must be buying romantic travel souvenirs because I can. I grew up poor, and we never had any extra money to buy stuff, or even travel. Nor did we have much love at home… Mum and dad always fought, and eventually separated when I was nine. So, I think that me buying romantic stuff while traveling is a way for me to feel like “I can”. Like, I made it somehow. I can buy my own stuff, and I can spoil the people that I love. Does that make sense..?


Reading through this post now, I realize that it might seem like I’m bashing my boyfriend for not buying me gifts. But that’s not the case, the point is to show how different two persons who love each other can be in showing their love for each other. I like to buy stuff (I’m a Scorpio), and he as a Taurus shows his love by “just always being there for me”. Polar opposites. And still it works somehow.

What about you, and your relationship? Do you buy romantic travel souvenirs for your partner, or are you like my boyfriend who thinks gifts are unneccessary..? I’m curious to find out! ♥


    • Hanna
      01/30/2019 / 22:59

      Yeah I truly recommend it! 🙂 xo

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