Vacay vibes this weekend

Going on a little vacay this weekend

I so wish that I was wearing my vacay vibe t-shirt today, as I were on the Maldives, but no I’m not. The weather is of course way too cold for that in Finland right now… I am however going on a little vacay this weekend, and now I’m gonna tell you all about it!

Helsinki, then Tallinn

First off: Helsinki. I’m actually on the train down to Helsinki as we speak. I HATE traveling by train, but, it was a hell of a lot cheaper than flying and also allowed me to sleep one hour extra… Plus, I don’t mind the fact that traveling by train is more environmentally-friendly.

What I’ll be doing down in Helsinki? Well, I have a few meetings (fingers crossed that they go well), and then I’m off to spend a night at one of my favorite hotels in Helsinki – Clarion Hotel Helsinki. I was unfortunately not that pleased by my stay the last time I stayed there, but this time I upgraded to a premium room – so I’m hoping that will do the trick and make me absolutely love my night there this time. I’ll keep you posted!

And then, after a day and night in Helsinki, I’m taking the boat to Tallinn…


What I’ll be doing in Tallinn over the weekend, is joining a gang of cool girls on an influencer-trip. You’ll be able to follow us all on the hashtag #influencertakeovertallinn.

Fingers crossed it’ll be a good weekend! These are the girls I’m traveling with, be sure to check them out:

Sandra, Julia, JosefinSaraCamillaSiljeMichelle.

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