Oh do I love avocado sandwiches… I’ve always been a bread-lover, but I stopped eating bread almost completely when I found out that I was gluten-intolerant. Nowadays I do eat bread from time to time, always gluten-free of course, but still not as often as before.

My favorite way to eat bread these days is as avocado sandwiches! The first time I had an avocado sandwich was in California on our road trip back in 2015, and I’ve been obsessed ever since then. For example, when I was in London this December, I had an avocado sandwich for breakfast every morning – living the dream.

Avocado sandwich lover

How I make my avocado sandwiches

Sometimes I’ll make an avocado sandwich, or two, at home. As the ones above – these I made just a few days ago! This is how I make my avocado sandwiches:

– First I toast a couple of slices of gluten-free bread in a toaster.
– As the bread is heating up and getting all crunchy, I smash a couple of avocados (usually with a fork) and mix the avocado smash with a pinch of sea salt and pepper. Sometimes I’ll also add a bit of lime juice and/or olive oil.
– When the avocado smash is ready, the bread usually is as well. So then I just add the avocado smash on top, maybe sprinkle the sandwiches with a bit more of sea salt and pepper, and then I finally dig in! Yummie in my tummy.

Easy as that. I know that some people like to add an egg or two to their avocado sandwiches as well (boiled, fried or poached), but I’m not there yet.

Healthy and easy to make

Avocado sandwiches are one of the easiest meals to make and are also quite healthy as long as you use a good kind of bread (not too sugary, lots of fiber, not too many preservatives and additives etc. – you know the drill).

Are you an avocado sandwich lover as well, and do you make them yourselves or not? ♥


    • Hanna
      01/24/2019 / 07:00

      Oh wow, you might be yeah, hehe 🙂 <3

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