How to keep warm this Winter
How to keep warm this Winter

Winter season – how to keep warm

*This post is in a collaboration with Preston.

Winter season is here, and the weather here in Finland is absolutely freezing. The temperature is sinking well below -10 celsius degrees and many of us have a hard time keeping warm (including me, who’s always freezing). So how does one stay warm this freezing Winter? Brrr.

Thanks to Preston, I now have three new pieces of clothing that will keep me warm this Winter! As I’ve written above, this post is a collaboration. but still, I really want to highlight the fact that I have chosen these products myself and am 100% obsessed with them. Keep reading and I’ll tell you why…

How to keep warm this Winter

Preston – a Finnish lifestyle brand

First off, Preston – what..? Preston is a Finnish lifestyle brand with its base on the west coast of Finland, in a little town called Närpes. The company behind the brand is Napra Rehab, which has been around for many, many years. Here’s a little excerpt from the ‘About us’ -page on highlighting the history of Preston (and Napra Rehab):

“The company behind the brand is Napra-Rehab Oy, which has been supplying products for the treatment of circulatory problems and musculoskeletal disorders for professional use for over 25 years. Demand for products that improve wellness and maintain health has also continually increased among consumers. Preston was established for this purpose, and our range of products includes products for sports, work and travel, as well as different life situations.”

Preston has over 400 products in their web shop, divided into four different categories; Sport, Outdoor, Health & Wellness, and Work & Travel. The products that I have received and will be showing you in this post can be found in the Outdoor -category.

A sweater, a hat and a pair of gloves

When I was little, my dad used to wear this super-thick and warm sweater that I loved to borrow and cuddle myself up in. The sweater was called an “Icelandic sweater”, and I’ve been longing for one my entire life (thanks, dad). Recently I became obsessed with finding one for myself (just close to 25 years later, lol), and started googling around looking for where I could buy one online. It turns out I had a hard time finding one… But then, luckily I found this cool webshop called Preston that had Classic Icelandic Sweaters at an affordable price – and that’s how the idea of this whole collaboration post started.

I then got in contact with Preston to ask if they’d be interested in doing a collaboration with me. I told them how I had found them after desperately looking for an Icelandic Sweater online, and how I now wanted to show the sweater on my blog and tell my followers all about this cool little web shop that I found! Preston was interested, and asked me if I wanted to review not only the Classic Icelandic Sweater, but also a pair of gloves and a cute hat. Of course, I wanted to! Said and done, now I’m writing the collaboration post telling you all about them and their amazing products ☺

How to keep warm this Winter

Classic Icelandic Sweater

The Classic Icelandic Sweater sweater is made of 100% pure wool and is as warm & cozy as it looks. I, as a lover of anything minimalistic, am obsessed with the simple black and white pattern (as obsessed as I was when I was little and used to borrow my dad’s Icelandic Sweater). The sweater is a true classic and will most probably never go out of style.

The size of the sweater is quite large, it is a unisex after all. I normally wear a size S when I want sweaters to be “more loose“, but I now have this one in a size XS – and as you can see it’s fits me very loosely (which I of course like, it adds to the coziness and also makes it possible to layer).

I wear the sweater as a cozy at-home sweater, whenever I need a warm sweater for spending the day outside (f.ex. when I go hiking or riding my snowmobile) or in the everyday life paired with jeans and some nice boots. The sweater looks good either way! And of course, it keeps me warm.

Norwegian knitted mittens and a cute wool cap

The Norwegian knitted mittens and the Andre cap are also made out of wool, the mittens being 100% wool, while the cap is 5% cashmere, 35% wool, 60% acrylic and the pom pom made of authentic, Finnish scrap fur. Both have an inside of super-soft fleece that makes them really comfortable to wear, and probably also adds a bit of warmth.

I tested both the cap and the mittens over the weekend when we spent most of our days outside in the cold weather, and I didn’t freeze at all! I am absolutely obsessed by both and think they are so cute. I’m especially pleased with the mittens since I’ve had a really hard time finding knitted mittens that are both warm and stylish – but these are “the ones”! As they are of excellent quality, I believe that they will be keeping my hands warm for many Winters to come.

How to keep wamr this Winter

No more freezing

Ah, how lucky am I to get to do these kinds of collaborations with brands that have as excellent products as Preston have..? I am now certain that I will survive this Winter, no more freezing.

If you are looking for warm of good quality, I cannot recommend Preston enough. And if you’re not into the Icelandic Sweater like I am, they do have several other equally warm sweaters to choose between, you can find them all here. And of course, the same goes for the mittens and the cap – they do have several other options. Find all their mittens and caps here.

How to keep warm this Winter
How to keep warm this Winter
How to keep warm this Winter

Thank you, Preston

Lastly, I just want to thank Preston for this collaboration. It feels great doing collaborations with brands that you can really stand behind, and say that you actually 100% recommend. Yay! So, again, thank you, Preston!

I also wish that you, dear readers, got some good shopping tips from this post – and if not, then at least some wintry inspo! I can tell you it took a LOT of “blow-the-snow-pictures” before nailing the above ones in this post, lol. Who knew that it could be so hard taking pictures of something “as easy” as blowing snow..? Ah, the struggles in life as a blogger trying to take “Pinterest-friendly-photos” ☺

Enjoy the Winter weather lovelies, but do remember to stay warm ♥


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    Vilken härlig tröja! Och väldigt prisvärd måste jag säga :)!

    • Hanna
      01/22/2019 / 11:33

      Ja visst är den härlig 🙂 och SÅ varm & skön kan jag lova! Faktiskt, med tanke på hur länge den helt säkert kommer hålla!

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