A week in the life


It’s been a good, but very busy week (and the weeks not even over yet). I thought I’d tell you a little about it, so let’s start with Monday!

On Monday I worked from home. I shot some photos, like the one above, and worked. “Let’s be adventurers”, is a representation on how I feel & want to love, and looking at the words every day makes me so damn happy.

Tuesday and Wednesday

I have almost no recollection of Tuesday and Wednesday at all, which means I must’ve been working a lot..? On Tuesday I, however, went to the gym to attend a Bodyattack class, and on Wednesday night I went out on a run.

On Wednesday night I also received some new Wintery clothes and accessories, that I’m going to show you in a collaboration-post very soon – stay tuned! Sneak-peek below…

A week in the life
A week in the life


Thursday was another day that was spent working. I had plans to go into the office, but I had so much work to do that I lost touch of time and spent the day working from our couch.

Then when the night came and it was time for dinner, I walked into town and met up with a friend at one of the coziest restaurants in town. Both of us ordered a tropical goat salad, and as you can see from the picture above, it was quite amazing.

A week in the life


Then came Friday, and I started my day with a nice walk into town in the sunrise, where I had a fun meeting – that went well. What a great start to a Friday!

After that I spent Friday working from home, and in the evening I went to the gym and attended a Bodycombat class + stayed in the gym for a full-body-workout for an hour afterwards. It felt great! Then we ended the night by watching episodes of Grace & Frankie (yay, there’s a new season on Netflix!) and The Blacklist.

A week in the life


And now it’s Saturday, and the weekend has officially begun.

Today I have some work to do, and then were off to Bergö where we’ll spend the rest of the weekend. If we’re lucky, we’ll be able to go and drive our snowmobiles for the first time this season tomorrow – fingers crossed.

Have a great weekend! ♥


    • Hanna
      01/21/2019 / 09:48

      Yup, the usual 😀 Thanks, I did, I hope you did too! <3

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