The best travel souvenirs

The best travel souvenirs

Whenever and wherever I travel, I always bring home travel souvenirs. Usually I always fall so much in love with the place I’ve traveled to that I want to bring a little piece of it home with me, to have something to always remember it by. Usually it’s a refrigerator magnet (our fridge is FULL of them), and a magazine at the airport.

A coral reef piece from Fulidhoo

From my most recent trip, me and my boyfriends 2 week vacation in the Maldives over Christmas and New Years, I brought home not only a refrigerator magnet and a magazine – but also a coral reef piece that I found on the paradise island of Fulidhoo. My boyfriend found it on the beach in Fulidhoo, on our second day there, and it was simply too pretty and special not to bring home. I’m usually not into taking things from nature, in my opinion, it’s wrong – but this time I did (sorry Mother Nature, and Fulidhoo).

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A refrigerator magnet from Maafushi

The refrigerator magnet I brought with me from the Maldives, is probably one of the most beautiful refrigerator magnets I own. I bought it on our first night on Maafushi, one of the closest local islands to Male, from an old woman who was selling all kinds of handpainted items on the street. Now every time I look at the magnet on our refrigerator I’ll remember that old woman, offering me a discount if I’d buy two and asking us to come back next year but then bring our first child so that she could meet him/her (the child is not gonna happen btw).

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An issue of my favorite magazine ICON from Stockholm

The magazine I brought home with me, is an issue of the Swedish magazine ICON, so that one was obviously not bought in the Maldives but in Stockholm during our layover at Arlanda airport. I always buy an issue of ICON magazine whenever I’m in Sweden. It’s one of my absolute favorite magazines, but unfortunately they don’t sell it here in Finland. So, I always look for a new issue whenever I’m on Swedish soil!

Are you a travel souvenir collector as well?

So, dear readers, do you usually bring home any travel souvenirs when you travel? If so, then what do you bring..? I feel like refrigerator is a very common thing to bring, and probably magazines as well, but what else do people bring home as travel souvenirs… Tell me, I’m curious! ♥

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