Dreams don't work unless you do

One of my absolute favorite quotes

“Dreams don’t work unless you do”, is one of my absolute favorite quotes! Because it’s so true. You can’t just sit around dreaming all of your life, at some point you just have to stop and get your ass to do the actual work necessary for making your dreams come true.

Not anyone get’s this though. They just sit around dreaming all of their life, not realizing that they actually have to do something for their dream. And what a shame that is! Imagine if all people worked towards their dreams, what a motivated and happy group of people we all would be, am I right? I’d love for that to happen, maybe some day…

Dreams don't work unless you do

Always been a dreamer

I myself have always been a dreamer, since I was a little girl… Always dreaming up the perfect life, the perfect jobs. And I, like everyone, has struggled with just this – the realization that you actually have to work towards your dreams and not just “dream”.

It really is easier said than done. You need a kick in the butt, from yourself. Because it’s all up to yourself, no one else is able to help you with your dream. You have to do all of the work necessary by yourself, every step of the way. And you have to do it well, this is your big dream we’re talking about here…

Dreams don't work unless you do

Finally doing it…

And this is where I find myself at the moment! I’m actually and truthfully working towards reaching my dreams. Like really, really working on it. And it feels great to finally have decided on going after my big dreams – it’s like a relief, to finally make the decision to do the work necessary! This is what life is all about. Dreaming big, making decisions and doing everything you can to achieve your dreams. And I am not afraid of doing everything that I can to reach my dreams, because I know that by the time I’ll reach them – I’m sure I will have come up with yet another dream to reach! It’s never-ending. And that is my motivation for this Monday, and for every other Monday to come! ♥

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