Jungle outfit

ungle outfit

Pictured, my absolute favorite jungle outfit! Wore this basically every day when we were on Fulidhoo in the Maldives. I bought the dress on sale at Asos.com, if I remember correctly it’s from New Look. The straw bag is from Lagerhaus, the flip-flops Havaianas (obviously, they make the best flip-flops), hat from Borsalino, sunnies from RayBan and watch from Aarni wood.

Jungle outfit

Can I wear this every day, please?

Now if only I could wear this outfit every day, every day of the year… But no, I live in a country with a cold-as-fuck Winter – so no can do. Oh well, I’ll just live in this outfit every day of the Summer then!

The dress is hands down the comfiest piece of clothing I’ve ever owned. It’s in a really, really soft material and feels so good on… A big plus is the slits on each side, they let in a light breeze when you walk. As you can imagine, the dress was a bit warm in the Maldives – but a slits on each side totally saved the situation.

So thank you dress for totally being my best friend during our Maldives vacay, and the best jungle outfit I’ve ever worn. I’ll see you in the Summer again ♥

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