Where to next?

Where to next – that is the question?

Yes, where to next? That’s the current question on my mind. Sure I’ve only been home for a week now, but I’m already longing for my next travel adventure… I suffer from wanderlust, ok!? Always have, always will I guess. The world is so big, and there’s so many amazing places to go and see – so why the hell not?

BALI is the destination that has been most frequent on my mind lately. Or hey who am I fooling, lately..? More like: for the last couple of years… We were actually planning on going to Bali instead of the Maldives during Christmas and New years. But as you know, we didn’t. And the reason why we didn’t is that our Maldives trip was hundreds of euros cheaper that what a similar trip to Bali would have cost. So, off to the Maldives we went because of money (isn’t it always about money..?).

But when will I go to Bali then? Hopefully soon. I’m really hoping that I could go there now, during Spring. And preferably stay for a month, or why not two. Anyone wanna join me? Of course I’d love to have my boyfriend with me, and I know that he’d like to go to Bali. But he can’t because of work…

When we were in the Maldives we hung out with a small family from Germany. A couple in their 40’s-50’s (?) and their teenage daughter. They told us that they’d been in Bali the Winter before, and absolutely loved it. They told us so many nice things about it, that after talking to them I’m even more obsessed with going to Bali…. So, Bali needs to happen, soon.

Other travel dreams I have for 2019 is visiting Italy again. Really hoping to go to Milan and/or Rome, and also to Portofino. Oh and Capri! And why not Sicily and Sardinia while we’re at it, haha. No but seriously, I want to go e-v-e-ry-w-h-e-r-e in Italy… I completely fell in love with it when we were there last Summer!

Another travel dream for 2019, that actually is more than a dream, it HAS to happen – is a US west coast roadtrip. Or at least a trip to Los Angeles! I miss it so much and it has always been my dream to celebrate my 30th over there. This is the year for making dreams happen, so now you know where you’ll find me for my 30th!

Where are YOU off to next?

But hey, what about you… Where are YOU off to next? Please tell me in the comment field. It’s always so interesting to hear about other peoples travel plans, don’t you think? ♥


    • Hanna
      01/12/2019 / 21:20

      Yeah it seems so relaxing and beautiful <3

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