5 days on a paradise island

Five days on a paradise island called Fulidhoo

While we were in the Maldives over Christmas and New years, we spent 5 days on a paradise island. That paradise island is called Fulidhoo, and we completely fell in love with it… Now I’m going to tell you why!

“Looking at pictures of it
on Instagram, I fell in love”

Before our Maldives trip I read a lot about where to stay in the Maldives, and tried to find the best islands to visit while we were there. This little island called Fulidhoo kept popping up everywhere with descriptions like “the best paradise island” and “one of the smallest island of the Maldives” and so on. Looking at pictures of it on Instagram, I fell in love and decided that THIS IS WHERE WE’RE GOING – Fulidhoo here we come. A small paradise island was exactly what we were looking for.

However, I had some concerns and was worried that a whole 2 week stay at such a small island like Fulidhoo might get boring. So I decided to split our stay into several islands, and only spend 5 of our days in the Maldives on the little paradise island of Fulidhoo. In hindsight, we probably should’ve stayed longer on Fulidhoo than that, but – next time… You can’t always get it right, right?

5 days on a paradise island

A ride to paradise AND an excursion

We arrived in Fulidhoo on a Thursday. The plan was to take the ferry to Male from Maafushi (where we had been staying our first 2 days of the trip) and then a speedboat from Male to Fulidhoo. It would’ve taken a whole day in travel, and also be kind of expensive ($60 per person).

Luckily our hotel host at the hotel we were staying at in Maafushi (Salt Beach Hotel), offered us to go on an excursion that day, that would make a stop at Fulidhoo. Perfect we thought! So, said and done, instead of “just traveling” all day and paying $60 for it – we instead went on an excursion and snorkled with sharks (OK I stayed in the boat, but my boyfriend did!), visited a sandbank and got a ride to our next island Fulidhoo for $50. How lucky were we? It was a perfect day out on the excursion and we are still so happy that our hotel host at Salt Beach Hotel in Maafushi came up with this idea and arranged it for us. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

5 days on a paradise island

“We had arrived in paradise”

Anyway, back to when we arrived on Fulidhoo… The first few steps we took on the island were amazing – none of us had ever seen anything like it! A tiny paradise island with nothing but sand, palmtrees, nice people and beautifully colored houses everywhere – surrounded by the most turquoise water I’ve ever seen! We had arrived in paradise.

Five amazing days doing nothing

Our 5 days on Fulidhoo continued to stun us, and were of course – amazing. We stayed at this lovely little guesthouse called Thundi Guest House (I will write more about it later, in a separate post!) and everything was just perfect.

We woke up at 8 every morning. Went to breakfast at 9. Got ready and walked to the beach, and then we spent the days at the beach until we got hungry – usually at around 2-3 pm. We then usually walked back to the guesthouse (it was just a few hundred meters, as I said, the island is TINY), had some lunch, took a powernap and then walked back to the beach and stayed there until sunrise. Then we watched the sunrise before again walking back to the guesthouse, had dinner and then went to bed. Simple as that! Those 5 days were some of the most relaxing days I’ve ever had in my life, it was AWESOME. 

5 days on a paradise island

The “tiny paradise island” and the island where there’s stingrays

Fulidhoo is not only known as the “tiny paradise island” though, but also as the island where they have a lot of stingrays! I don’t have a good picture of the stingrays myself, sorry, but google “stingrays” and you’ll see! They look pretty cool. We found the stingrays to be a bit strange, I had thought that we’d both be really fascinated about them – but naah, we weren’t (for some unknown reason). Our host at the guest house told us that they’re fed at 6 pm every night, but we only went to watch it one night. That’s how un-interested we apparently were of the stingrays, haha. They’re really beautiful though, so, don’t be discouraged by my/our uninterest in them!

5 days on a paradise island

The island has more than stingrays (and fruit bats btw, they were a bit scary!) – there’s a popular swing that is very Instagrammed! We tried snapping pictures of each other in it as well, but unfortunately none of the pictures turned out good… Oopsie. Apparently none of us know how to pose nor snap pictures of a person in a beach swing, lol. Above’s a good one of the swing without any people in it though, beautiful huh!?

“My absolute favorite thing about
Fulidhoo was the sunsets”

My absolute favorite thing about Fulidhoo was however the sunsets, I’ve never seen sunsets as beautiful as the ones I saw on Fulidhoo before! Sure, California sunsets are reaaaally beautiful as well – but I almost think that Fulidhoo sunsets wins the prize… Fulidhoo was also great for stargazing, and for getting good shots of the moon – I mean, look!

5 days on a paradise island
5 days on a paradise island

Until we meet again, Fulidhoo

One day I really hope to go back to Fulidhoo, because that islands really is paradise on earth. We found it, we found paradise! And if you ever consider going there – just do it! You won’t regret it, there’s nothing like Fulidhoo. The island will floor you with it’s beauty and charm… And if you, dear reader, ever have any questions regarding Fulidhoo – don’t hesitate to ask me! I’ll tell you everything I know about it and won’t mind a second of it. Fulidhoo, I love you ♥

5 days on a paradise island


  1. Mintasa
    09/01/2020 / 21:39

    Fulidhoo or Gulhi? Which one is better? Thanks.

    • Hanna
      09/06/2020 / 14:49

      Definitely Fulidhoo 🙂 It’s much nicer! Gulhi is beautiful too, but the overall vibe is better on Fulidhoo I would say. Gulhi is a bit bigger though, and closer to the airport, Maafushi etc. So I guess it depends on what you prefer! Fulidhoo has more greenery and jungle on it, as well as manta rays swimming at the beach each night.

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