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    Happiness is being in a bikini

    Happiness is being in a bikini

    I have always loved the sun, and warmer weather. Happiness to me is, being in a bikini, soaking up the warmth of the sun… I just love it, feeling the warm rays of sun on my skin, how the whole body heatens up. I love the sun alright, and I love loving the sun in a bikini. Bikinilife, happylife.

    My earliest childhood memories are all from Summers when the weather was hot and sunny. I remember being just a few years old, lying on our porch in my bathing suit (or was I naked?) and just enjoying the heat – when my mum suddenly flung out and screamed at me “that’s enough, you’re gonna get burned, get inside NOW little girl!”. Ugh, I’ve sure always loved the sun (and thanks to that also gotten burned quite a lot, even at a young age – what’s Nivea SPF anyway? Lol).

    “I have always loved the sun, and warmer
    weather. Happiness to me is, being in a bikini,
    soaking up the warmth of the sun…”

    When I got older, I always dreamed of running away to some far away place where the weather was good all year around. Thanks to television (and mostly MTV) I got introduced to Los Angeles, Miami and Hawaii – and for many, many years obsessed over someday moving to the one of those places to get to live in a bikini all year round.

    The dream has come through, in some ways. I mean, I have visited both Miami and Los Angeles (LA 3 times, of one I actually lived there for a few months and did spend a lot of days in a bikini) with Hawaii still being on the bucket-list (anyone wanna come with?). But I’m still not living “permanently” in any of those places.

    Now that we were in the Maldives, where I spent every day in a bikini, I really started thinking about this again. Living in a place where I can spend most of the year in a bikini was always my biggest dream, and while in the Maldives I started thinking that maybe it still is..? So why the hell am I living in Finland, one of the coldest countries on earth then? That’s the question I’m now struggling with. Shouldn’t I be doing anything and everything to live my dreamlife? So, why am I still here, in the cold?

    “Shouldn’t I be doing anything and
    everything to live my dreamlife?”

    Help please

    A lot of questions that needs answers. And these are the questions that I hope to get clear answers to now in January. Because 2019 is my year, this is the year I do EVERYTHING I can to live my dreamlife, so there will be some serious evaluation and decision-making going on.

    Maybe there’s someone out there with thoughts on this post, on my questions and troubles? What should I do, are you perhaps having the same kind of thoughts..? Help please ♥


    Hi I’m Hanna (Hananaa) and I’m the author of this blog. I live for web marketing and wanderlust (I’ve travelled to 18 countries and counting). Please say ‘HI’ in the comment field and tell me what you thought of this post ♥


    1. 01/07/2019 / 13:08

      Beautiful and I totally agree!

      • Hanna
        01/08/2019 / 15:09

        Thanks alot Elisa ♥

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