One day at a resort

One day at a resort in the Maldives

While we were in the Maldives we spent one day at a resort. The resorts are pricey as hell, and one can only dream about having the money enough to pay for a whole 2 week stay at one of the luxurious resorts… Lucky you if you have the money for it – we didn’t! Maybe next time..?

You’ve probably seen a gazillion of images of the beautiful water villas of Maldivian resorts, right? Well, we reaaaally wanted to visit a resort, and lucky us – most budget-hotels in the Maldives arrange one day -packages to resorts at a relatively small sum of money (at least compared to what it would cost to spend a night at one of these resorts), and as did our hotel. So, off to a resort we went!

One day at a resort

Adaaran Prestige Vadoo

I really, really wanted to visit Anantara Dhigu, a beautiful resort that I had seen lots of photos on Instagram of. However, that resort was off limits while we were there, since they were fully booked with regular guests (I mean it was Christmas and New years, so it was fully understandable). Choosing another resort instead of Anantara Dhigu was really hard… They all look pretty similar from images, and the tour-guides aren’t that helpful (or at least I couldn’t trust their recommendations, sorry guides!), so making a decision was really hard.

After a lot of thinking we ended up choosing Adaaran Prestige Vadoo, a 5-star resort fairly close to Male.

One day at a resort

Thoughts on the day

So, how was the day? It was ok. Our expectations were pretty high, and unfortunately they weren’t really met… We were really unfortunate to be at the resort on the day before New Years, when the place was crawling with workers doing all kinds of preparations (setting up tables, decorations, electricity arrangements etc.) for the New Year -celebrations… In hindsight we really should have picked another day. But oh well, next time!

Another “bummer” with the resort was it’s near location to Male. Because of that, there were boats driving by all the time and also a lot of airplanes in the sky… So the location wasn’t very relaxing!

The food was really good though! They had a lunch buffet (included in the price we paid for the “one day” -package) in the middle of the day, with all kinds of delicious foods – so that was a big plus! We also really liked the free bar. I didn’t drink a single alcoholic drink though, only fruit juices (that were delicious). But my boyfriend on the other hand… He drank beers and drinks all day long until he passed out on the sun bed! True story. I guess we’re very different, haha.

Is it worth the $$$

Would I stay at a resort one day if I could afford it? Hells to the yes. BUT, I’d do very thorough research before choosing one, to be absolute sure that I’d made the right decision. The resort we visited is not worth the money you have to pay per night, in my opinion, but I’m sure that there’s other resorts that are well worth their money. And that’s also my best advise to you, if you can afford it and are planning to stay at a resort in the Maldives – do your research and choose your choice of resort very carefully.

More posts on the Maldives coming soon, stay tuned! ♥

One day at a resort


  1. Sini
    01/16/2019 / 11:00

    Miksi kuvat ovat tämän värisiä? Malediiveilla vesi on turkoosi, ei harmaa.

    • Hanna
      01/16/2019 / 11:06

      Siksi että olen laittanut filtteri päälle kuviin 🙂 Vesi oli kyllä ihanan turkoosi! <3

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