Post travel depression

I suffer from post travel depression

Post travel depression, is that a thing? HELL YES and I currently suffer from it. Badly. And to top that that off, I’m now also sick. I can’t remember the last time my throat was this swollen or my head felt this heavy… Ugh, it really sucks coming from a great vacation!

December 2018 was a great travel month for me. I mean, first I spent 5 days alone in London and had the best time ever just walking around, taking pictures and soaking it all in. And then I brought my boyfriend with me to the Maldives, where we spent 2 weeks having the time of our lives in paradise. I couldn’t ask for a more perfect travel month, the best of two worlds – solo travel in a city and a relaxing vacay in paradise.

Any travel plans for 2019?

Now for January I don’t have a lot of travels planned. Nor for the rest of the year. And it bums me out, a lot. Always having a trip to look forward to is important for travelholics like myself. So not having it, and also suffering from post travel depression AND being sick… Well, it’s the worst!

WAIT A MINUTE. I actually got a new trip to look forward to yesterday, actually! Wohoo. Out of the blue I got an email with an invitation to join a group of influencers on an influencer trip in the end of January! I could barely believe my eyes when I read it, it made me so happy to be thought of and invited to this. So… Of course I said YES! So now you know, I’m going to Tallinn in the end of January. First trip of 2019, and I’m sure it will be awesome!

Now I just have to figure out where to next… At least I’m going to the US west coast in the Fall/early Winter to celebrate my 30th birthday. It’s always been my dream to celebrate my 30th in the US, so that’s happening, one way or another. But before that..? Hmmm… Well I’d love to go to Bali, Copenhagen and Italy (again, but this time to Milan or Rome). To name a few places. Thumbs up 2019 will be a great travel year!

Now please stop reading my blog. Go out and enjoy the weekend! ♥

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