Collaboration with Aarni wood

When we were in the Maldives I did a collaboration with Aarni wood regarding their wooden watches. I’m sure you’ve heard of them, or seen their watches on social media lately. They’ve been EVERYWHERE and are some of the most beautiful & stylish wooden watches I’ve ever seen!

Picking a favorite from their sortiment was really hard… I mean, they’re all so good looking! I ended up picking the model Vega-Ebony, one for me and one for my boyfriend. Matchy, matchy! But that’s how we roll. We love to match nice accessories, especially when they’re as stylish as these watches.

His and her Aarni wood watch

Stylish with a luxurious feeling

Opening up the boxes for the watches felt so luxurious. The packaging is so stylish, with a beautiful black box made out of wood but wrapped in some kind of leathery material. My boyfriends reaction when I handed him his box was actually “wow, so stylish and luxurious!”. He isn’t easily impressed, so let me tell you that’s a very good review coming from him…

What I really loved about the packaging of the watches was also the fact that every box comes with a handy tool-kit for adjusting the band. We hadn’t opened the boxes before we went to the Maldives. So when I was about to open the boxes in the Maldives, as we were going to out and take pictures of the watches, I panicked and thought “how the hell are we gonna adjust the bands if they don’t fit!?” (it’s not like we travel around with tool-kits, haha). Well, of course the panic was unnecessary since both boxes had a tool-kit each… Thumbs up for that, Aarni wood!

Great for both him and her

The model that I chose for us, Vega-Ebony, comes in a dark and stylish brown color (that almost looks like black from far). The material is ebony, and feels so luxurious to wear. The golden details crowns the luxurious feeling even more and you totally feel like a queen when wearing the watch. A stylish one of that. Can’t speak for my boyfriend though, but I’m sure he also feels like a king when wearing his, haha.The stylish look of the watch makes it a great watch for both him and her. It’s in a good “medium” watch size as well, not “too big” for a woman’s wrist nor “too small” for a mans wrist. It’s the perfect unisex watch I would say!

Easy to style with any outfit

The fact that the watch is in such a stylish color, also makes it so easy to style with any outfit! Now, me and my boyfriend mostly wear black and/or white, and denim… So for us the watches obviously are easy peasy to style! But I definitely think the Aarni Vega-ebony watch would be easy to style with any outfit, in any color ! As I wrote earlier the watch looks black from distance, and of course, black accessories go with any kind of color and outfit. So when buying this watch, you will definitely have a watch for any outfit! Both for relaxed everyday and more dressed up outfits.

You can see how I styled it in the jungle above, and how my boyfriend styled it in the jungle below. Nice huh?!

Sunglasses to pair it with

Now all we need is a pair of Aarni sunglasses each to pair with the watches, haha. Yeah, Aarni wood doesn’t only have watches but also sunglasses and wallets – all made of wood. How cool is that?! Check out their sunglass here, and their wallets here.

If we get sunglasses to pair with the watches I’m sure we’ll go with the Blues Ebony -model or Blues Ebony (blue lenses). We’ll see when Spring comes! I’ll of course keep you updated and share pictures if/when that day comes, so stay tuned.

Thank you Aarni wood

Now all I can do is thank Aarni Wood for this fun collaboration!

I’m so happy that both me and my boyfriend now have new, stylish watches. They were so fun to wear in the Maldives, and as you obviously can see from the pictures in this post – they matched really well with the jungle, haha! ♥

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