Style inspo: leo

My current obsession is leo

I have a current obsession when it comes to fashion & style, and that is leo print. So here you go, the first style inspo post of 2019 and it’s called “style inspo: leo”. ENJOY!

Style inspo: leo
Style inspo: leo
Style inspo: leo

Need to shop for more leo

As I’m writing this style inspo: leo -post I’m embarassed to say that I just realized that I don’t own A SINGLE LEO-PRINTED ITEM. Like what!? I need to shop for more leo, asap. The only animal-printed item I currently own is actually a snake-printed Zara-skirt that I bought in London in December (you can see it here). But leo, don’t own a single piece yet… Ok now you know that I’m gonna be looking for in the January sales, haha!

Style inspo: leo
Style inspo: leo
Style inspo: leo

Images found on Pinterest

As usual when it comes to my style inspo -posts, the images in this post we’re all found via my Pinterest-account. Fun fact, my Pinterest pins now have over 1,1 million views per month, HOW RAD IS THAT? I’m so happy and proud, thanks a million to all amazing pinners pinning my pins on Pinterest ♥


  1. Mon
    01/03/2019 / 11:09

    Where can I find the YSL t shirt from? Do you have a link, I have checked their website.

    • Hanna
      01/03/2019 / 15:16

      I know that Net-a-porter has had it before, and they do still, but with the print in another color… Find it here: 🙂

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