Back from the Maldives

We’re back from the Maldives, unfortunately

Gah, we’re back from the Maldives. Unfortunately… I could’ve stayed forever, what a paradise! Maldives is so much more than just white beaches and turquoise waters… That beautiful country consisting of almost 2000 islands has so much personality, and warmth. It was a true pleasure being there for 12 days. And now I can’t wait to go back there someday.

Back from the Maldives

Bad posting during our trip

I am so sorry for bad posting during our trip. The internet was really bad, and I have to blame it on that… I shot 10000 images and had so much to say every day about all the awesomeness around us, and so wanted to post blogposts everyday. But, the internet was soooo slow that posting even just one blogpost with a few images would’ve taken hours. So, I’m so sorry for the bad posting… But I promise to post SO MANY posts about our trip now afterwards! Stay tuned!

Back from the Maldives

Post-vacay-depression and the flu

Now I have to take it easy for a few days… Our trip home took 28.5 hours and I am SO exhausted today. And as usual, I suffer from “post-vacay-depression”. The worst. Maybe you know about that feeling too? Oh and to top all that I’m also feeling like I have the flu. It’s freezing here at home and even though I’ve been home for just about 15 hours now I’ve already got a sore throat and am feeling feverish. How fun, naaaat. It’s hard coming from 12 days in amazing +30 celcius degrees! Can I go back, like NOW?

OK so stay tuned for more Maldives-related posts in the coming days/ weeks. There will be a lot of them, I promise. We have experience so many beautiful places, and seen so many amazing things, and met so many friendly people… Stay tuned, and please do follow me on Instagram as well for even more updates ☀

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