Touchdown Maldives

Finally… Touchdown Maldives!

Touchdown Maldives, we’re finally here! After 3 flights and one speedboat ride we’re finally on Maafushi, the first island on our adventure exploring the Maldives. The weather is HOT as hell, but so beautiful and we’re so happy to finally be here.

We are very tired though… Even though both of us slept most parts of out flights! But, the quality of sleep you get on a plane is never good – at least not when you’re flying economy, hehe. So, we haven’t done much tonight. We arrived at the hotel at around 7 pm, went for a stroll around the island, and now we’re just camped up in bed. My boyfriend is actually sleeping since two hours. But I’ve been “good” and packed up a little, taken a shower, edited some photos and now I’m here writing this blogpost – to keep you all updated. 

Stay tuned for Maldives updates

OK to be completely honest here, my brain is asleep. I need to sleep as well, and I need to do it now. I will keep you updated on our Maldives adventure as often as the wifi allows me to. And please remember to follow me on Instagram for daily updates, find me here. Goodnight from the Maldives ☀

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