Solo travel in London

Solo travel in London – why it’s a great idea

If there’s something I’ve really come to love this year, it’s traveling solo! I’ve actually had two solo trips this year, Alicante in May and now London in December. The latter, London, turned out to be a great city for solo travel and now I’m going to tell you why.

First and foremost, the city is huge, and absolutely smacked with people from all of the corners of this world. Don’t worry, you’ll blend in easily! The fact that it’s already so full of all kinds of people makes you accepted, even if you’re alone. You can go about the town as you want and no one will care, you’ll blend in easily.

Solo travel in London

Eating out solo in London

When I was traveling solo in Alicante, I had a hard time eating out at restaurants – because I felt like everyones was looking at me weird for being alone and it made me feel really uncomfortable. In London though, I had no problem whatsoever eating out at restaurants alone! Quite the opposite actually, I felt completely comfortable. The waiters were extra nice, no one looked at me weird and I saw a LOT of other people eating solo at the restaurants I was at – so I guess it’s normal in London to eat out solo.

Solo travel in London

London is safe, even at night

I felt really, really safe in London – even in the nights (OK I wasn’t out in the streets that late, but after dark at least). It might have been the fact that Londoners are very nice and polite, f.ex. if someone bumps into you by mistake they’ll apologize faster than you even notice that they bumped into you. But I also think that it’s got to do with the fact that there’s always people in London, anywhere you go. As long as you stick to the bigger streets, you’ll feel safe as a solo traveler and won’t have to worry.

Solo travel in London

Famous last words

If you want to try on solo traveling, and want a great tip on where to go to lose your “solo traveler virginity” – I can definitely recommend London as the first destination. It’s an easy place to travel to, and as I’ve highlighted in this post its’ safe, you’ll blend in and you’ll even be able to eat (lol). I would however though suggest to go in the Spring or Summer time instead of Winter like myself, because like I wrote in another post, I imagine it’s 1000 times more beautiful during those seasons. Not that it wasn’t beautiful now in December, but you know, more beautiful and not so grey & dark…

Dare go on a solo travel adventure to London, you’ll enjoy it ♥




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