Lovely Notting Hill

Lovely, colorful Notting Hill

One of the areas I fell most in love with when I was in London was the lovely Notting Hill! What a lovely, cool area of absolutely beautiful houses. I’m not normally that much into color, but these were just so cute! It was like a mood booster just walking around looking at all the colors.

My absolute favorite house was the green one below. But the one with the brown tiles and turquoise door was also really cute! (and also one of the houses with most tourists outside snapping away pictures of it).

Lovely Notting Hill

Lovely Notting Hill

Tourists and Spring time

The amount of tourists in this area though, whoa. It’s gotta be tough living there! I don’t like being touristy, and bugging the locals – so I felt SO bad walking around taking pictures… But obviously I wanted to so bad, that I did snap a few… Sorry locals.

As with all other areas in London, I do think that Notting Hill is 1000 times prettier in the Spring time. Sure, it was pretty now in December too, but imagine the area with blooming flowers everywhere… Ah! I seriously need to convince my boyfriend to come with me to London in the Spring, lol.

Lovely Notting Hill

Hip restaurants in the area

What I noticed, and really appreciated, when I walked around in Notting Hill was that it’s a great area for hip, healthy restaurants. I ate at two of them, Farm Girl Cafe and The Good Life Eatery. I recommend them both, but would slightly recommend Farm Girl Cafe a little more – I had the absolute best avocado sandwich I’ve ever had when I was there (gluten-free and covered in a mountain of fresh avocado, YUM). I think I’ll write more about Farm Girl Cafe and The Good life Eatery in another post, stay tuned!

Lovely Notting Hill

Well worth a visit

If you haven’t yet visited Notting Hill, I truly recommend that you do so the next time you’re in London! It’s well worth a visit, it really is as cute as they say (and I say, hehe). But do go on a weekday when it isn’t packed with tourists. And if you want to shoot pictures at a really beautiful, and calm street – I recommend Hillgate Place right across Notting Hill Gate. Enjoy! ♥

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