A morning in Hyde Park

Beautiful, sunny morning in Hyde Park

I’m back from London! What a fun 5 days I had in the city, all alone. One of my favorite mornings during my trip to London was a beautiful, sunny morning in Hyde Park. I grabbed a green tea at Starbucks and just went strolling through the park while sipping my tea. The sun was burning, the birds singing… Ah, what a wonderful morning it was!

A morning in Hyde Park

I almost got Fall vibes when I walked around (just look at the leaves above). I’m sure it was typical December weather for London, but for me 12 celcius degrees, sun and fallen leaves equals the perfect Fall weather here in Finland. Didn’t mind though – it was magical. I was just SO happy walking around there by myself and people watching. Oh and bird- and dog watching! The park was crawling with dogs and birds (especially swans).

A morning in Hyde Park

A morning in Hyde Park

Just look at these cuties! Don’t be fooled by their beauty though… These fellas were kind of mean! The one on the ground even walked around attacking people for food! I stood there taking pictures of him for a while, but when he started making his way towards me I left in a hurry, lol. These birds are HUGE, and you wouldn’t want them attacking you… Jaix.

A morning in Hyde Park

Selfies in the park

The sunny morning was also perfect for trying out my new camera for selfies! I bought a Sony Alpha (Jon Olsson keep talking about his Sony Apha in his vlogs – so that’s what made me choose the Alpha!) a few weeks ago and it has a flip-screen – which turned out to be absolutely awesome for taking selfies! So convenient.

I bought the camera mostly because of the video -function (my Canon EOS doesn’t film, boohoo), but I must say I’m very happy with the fact that it also is a great selfie camera. Well worth the money I spent on it (even thought it felt expensive when I bought it). Another big plus is the weight of it, it’s sooo much lighter than my Canon EOS, which makes it a great travel camera!

A morning in Hyde Park

Until next time, Hyde Park

Now all I can do is hope that I’ll get to go back to Hyde Park some day. I’d love to back there in the Spring or Summer – I’m sure it’s beautiful that time of the year. But next time I’m bringing my boyfriend so that we can take cute couple-selfies by the pond ♥


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