First day in London
Yay, I’m finally in London! My first day in London is coming to an end and I’m gonna tell you all about my day here in this very royal capital of the United Kingdom! As I’ve written about before, this is my first time visiting London – and I have made som realizations already on day one… Read on!

My first day in London, ever!

I dreamed about going to London as a child, and now I’m finally here. So let’s take this day from the beginning… These are the things that I’ve done today, on my first day in London, ever:

  • I got up at 3 a.m. after very little sleep, if any sleep at all.
  • I flew Vasa to Helsinki on an A319 and Helsinki to London on an A350 (yup, I’m an airplane nerd, and have always been  – planes are interesting!). It was my first time on the A350, and I loved it! Wow.
  • In London I bought an adapter and an Oyster card and made my way to Kensington and the hotel I’ll be staying at for the 4 nights I’m here.
  • When I arrived at the hotel, I took a few minutes powernap to re-charge and then went sightseeing in the center of London.
  • I’ve been sooooo stressed at all the gazillions of tourists doing their Christmas-shopping today. They have been EVERYWHERE – on every street, in every shop, every cafe etc. The whole city has been PACKED. As I said, I’ve been insanely stressed out about this all day. But maybe I’ll be cool as a penguin tomorrow, as I usually am..? Fingers crossed.
  • I’ve done some shopping (see the skirt and t-shirt pictured below). Now I finally have a “fun” skirt to bring with me to the Maldives! Best regards, Darth Vader who only wears black otherwise.
  • I’ve gone loco at Wholefoods, as I always do. I bought some cool coconut snacks, a raw-bar, fruit, popcorn and so on… Will be going back there several times during my stay here still, lol.
  • …and so on. I’ve walked around alot all day!

First day in London

Realization thanks to today

What I’ve also done is realize that I am more of a nature-person after all. I used to think that I was a city-girl, but now being in London is making me realize that I actually do prefer being out in the nature to being in a crowded city… But now I’m in London, and I’m obviously gonna do my absolute best to have an amazing time here anyway!

First day in London

Plans for the rest of my London trip

So what about the rest of my days here on my London trip? Well, I plan on making a trip to Harrods for some shopping (?), visiting the Natural history museum (I’m sure it’ll be incredible!), seeing the London Bridge, Big Ben, Buckingham Palace and London Eye (did I miss something?), taking a walk in Hyde Park, finding the best acai bowl in London and eat it, drinking some tea, visiting Notting Hill and so on. I feel like there’s so many things here to do! If I have time for it I would also love to go for a day-trip to Brighton. Hmm, how will I have time for everything..? Oh well, we’ll see – I’ll keep you posted ♥

First day in London




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