Countdown to palmtrees

The official countdown to palmtrees has begun! I can’t believe that it’s now UNDER 3 weeks until we’re going… I am so excited to finally get to see palmtrees again. Seriously, I am obsessed with palmtrees!

Palmtrees in paradise

My expectations for our Christmas/New years vacation are high. As they should be, as we’re going to one of the worlds most popular honeymoon destinations… I mean, that’s gotta count for something – it HAS to be absolutely stunning there, right!? Ah, I just can’t wait to lay under the palmtrees in paradise!

I’m also so ready to escape the cold for a while. Sure, I love Winter because Winter means that I can drive my snowmobile. But now before the snow comes, Winter’s not that fun at all… It’s just grey, and cold as hell – the perfect time to escape somewhere for warmer degrees. As I’ve written about, I’m going to London for a few days before we’re off to paradise, and even London seems fairly warm at the moment, so that’s good! London we’ll be a good “warm-up” before the real tropical degrees at our paradise destination.

Countdown to palmtrees

What to wear in paradise?

The biggest question now, when the trip is getting closer and closer is – what to wear in paradise? Seriously, I’m having such a hard time figuring this one out… It’s supposed to be really warm there (around 30 celcius degrees), but since it’s a muslim country we’ll probably still need to wear clothes that cover our knees and shoulders. That’s where my wardrobe fails… So, I’m currently panicking, browsing all my regular webshops for long skirts and dresses… Ugh.

Anyways… If you have any good tips on what to wear, or where to shop what to wear for a Christmas and New years vacation in a muslim country – please feel free to help me out here! ♥


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