December first

December first is here, does this mean that Winter is close – and that we’ll have snow soon? I sure hope so. I am so looking forward to going snowmobiling again! Snowmobiling is so much fun, and gives you such an incredible feeling of freedom… I love it!

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

To go snowmobiling you need snow on the ground, preferably lots of it. So that’s what I’m now hoping for! Not only for snowmobiling, but also because snow attracts Christmas feelings – and I’d love to have more of those. The rainy, grey weather and plus degrees that we’re currently having isn’t really helping the Christmas feelings…

But until the snow arrives, all we can do is just listen to Christmas songs, watch Christmas movies (speaking of… watched a good one this morning on Netflix: “A Christmas Prince” – watch it!), admire our Christmas trees, buy all gifts, bake gingerbread cookies and so on… And just hope that the Christmas feelings comes anyway, without the snow.

Have a really great December first everyone ♥

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