Weekend plans

Can you believe it, it’s Friday, AGAIN! The weeks fly by so fast… Sometimes I wish it was possible to stop time for some while. You know, just press a pause button and live in the ‘now’ for a week or two. Just imagine how amazing that would be..!

A fun weekend coming up

Anyway, thought I’d share my weekend plans! I have been SO excited about this weekend ever since last Sunday when my boyfriends sister texted him to invite us to their house for “mini Christmas” celebrations this Saturday! I have always loved “mini Christmas” (lilla jul) and I’m SO happy that we get to get to go and celebrate it with someone this year.

The plan is to first go and watch their son play hockey (he’s five years old, so us coming to watch him play will probably be a big deal), and after that go back to their house to eat some Christmas porridge and drink mulled wine. Ah, can’t wait!

Weekend plans

But, before that – I have a Friday night to spend having a girls night! I’m going to go to my friends house,where we’ll order some take-out food and just talk all night long. It’s been so long since we last had a night like this and I’m so looking forward to it! So many things have happened in both of our lives this past year… She’s gotten married and pregnant, and I’ve quit my job to start my own company, and so much more. We have so many things to talk about!

On Sunday I’m hoping for good weather! I really hope that we can go out for a long hike in the forest, like last weekend. I bought a new camera the other day (I was tricked into it, by a good salesman, lol) and can’t wait to try it out! It’s a Sony Alpha and I’m so excited about it. It’s supposed to be good, and I really hope it is since I’m planning on bringing it along on my London and Maldives trips in December.

What’s your plans?

There goes my weekend plans! Funtimes, funtimes… But hey, what about you – what’s your weekend plans? ♥


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