Venice travel memories


Venice, Italy – what a place! I’ve been thinking about it and dreaming back to our trip there this Summer quite a lot lately… And now it’s finally time for me to do a blogpost with some of my favorite Venice travel memories!

24 hours in the city of canals

We had a very quick visit in Venice, 24 hours to be exact, but we still managed to see a lot of the city and create some amazing travel memories. Here are some of my favorite Venice travel memories and the things we did during our 24 hours in the city of canals:

  • Have two gelatos each (or was it three?).
  • Sweat like pigs (it was well over 30 celcius degrees and all of the streets were PACKED with sweaty tourists – let’s just say it was HOT like hell, and quite stinky).
  • Have afternoon tea at our beautiful hotel.
  • Get a ride by a water taxi
  • Listen to beautiful live music by an orchestra at the Piazza San Marco.
  • Eat pizza at a cozy little restaurant by the canals (and run all over the city in a hurry to find the place, it seemed impossible to find a restaurant they serve gluten-free pizza…).
  • Drink super-yummy aperol spritz drinks by the famous Rialto Bridge.
  • Wake up to a beautiful sunrise over the roofs of Venice.
  • Buy traditional Venice carnival masks at one of the thousands of shops selling them.
  • Have champagne for breakfast at our hotel.

And so on… Our 24 hours in Venice were amazing! There were of course a lot of things that we didn’t do, like going for a gondola ride… But to be honest, we thought it was way too expensive! And it didn’t look that pleasant at all either. The gondoliers looked really bored with their jobs (not happy at all), and most of them either smoked or were on their phones while driving. Let’s just say they took the edge of the need to go for a “romantic and relaxing gondola ride”… So no gondola ride for us!


Venice travel memories

Venice, a city of Romance

When we went to Venice, I had no expectations of it being romantic, at all. Sure, I had heard that it was supposed to be one of the most romantic cities in the world – but I didn’t believe it for a second! But man was I wrong… Venice is actually SO romantic (or at least I thought so), and I now totally get why it has the reputation of being a city of romance!

I would love to explain why it’s so romantic, but I honestly think that it’s a feeling that’s impossible to try and explain in words – it simply has to be experienced.


Venice travel memories

Venice travel memories

My tips to you regarding Venice

Thinking about going to Venice yourself..? Just do it! It’s a beautiful, strange and absolutely amazing city that definitely deserves a visit. But don’t stay too long, as I fear staying too long might bore you out. One to three days are probably enough for you to see most of the things, and really get the vibe! Maybe do as us, and make Venice on of the stops on your Italian roadtrip?

Then when you finally go to Venice, do bring your comfiest sneakers, as you will walk a LOT! Sure, you can hitch a ride by a water taxi, but I would definitely recommend you to also walk around as much as possible. There’s so much to see, so many cute alleys and beautiful things everywhere! Also, bring your camera! ♥

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