The best xmas movie

Tis’ the season when all you wanna watch is Christmas movies, and the other day we watched one that according to my boyfriend is “the best xmas movie ever made”. Now you’re probably wondering what movie we’ve watched… Let me tell you: it’s new, it’s exciting as hell, well-made, different but still familiar, funny & simply amazing.

The Christmas chronicles

The movie we’ve watched and really liked is: ‘The Christmas chronicles’. The old, handsome Kurt Russell plays Santa Claus, and he does it so well. It’s a different kind of Santa for sure, with more attitude – but we loved it! And as I wrote, my boyfriend called the movie out as being “the best xmas movie ever made”, so yeah – it was good!

I wouldn’t particularly say it’s the absolute best xmas movie ever made, my all time-favorites are the Home alone -movies (number 1, 2 and 3), but I could watch this one again – which is a good review coming from a hardcore Christmas movie fan like myself.

Find it on the ‘flix

So, my tip to you is: watch this movie if you haven’t yet watched it! You’ll find it on Netflix ♥

The Christmas chronicles

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