Monday morning walk

The absolute best way to start a new week off, is by going out on a morning walk! Especially if the weather is sunny. And this is also how I started my Monday, by going out on a long walk in the sun. Obviously I brought my camera along – couldn’t miss shooting a beautiful morning like this!

The boost of starting a new week outside

I am one of those who just looooves to be outside. I get a boost when I’m outside, probably from the fresh air, but I also think that I get it from the beauty of nature. I’m the creative, sensitive type who sees beauty everywhere – so for me, a long walk in nature when the weather is great is like a super boost for my well-being. It’s almost like the soul having an orgasm, not kidding. So hey, could you think of a better way to start a new week? Nah, didn’t think so. Monday morning walk

Fresh air, beauty of nature and working out

But there’s also another reason why I love to start my new weeks off with being outside, that has to do with more than “just” fresh air and the beauty of nature. That is: because of the workout. I’m a health freak, ok? There’s no better feeling than the one when you feel like you’ve accomplished something great, a workout on a Monday morning!

Running is of course even better than going for a long walk, since that’s a tougher workout. But, some days you just have to settle for a walk instead, like today, so that you’ll be able to shoot some pictures while you’re out there getting a boost, a soul orgasm and a workout.


Going for long walks in the nature with your camera is also great for developing your photography skills, or at least it is for me. I actually learned a bunch of new things about my camera and how to shoot pictures with it this morning! Things I probably never should’ve learned while being on a vacation and shooting pictures in a hurry…

Monday morning walk

Have a great week!

Well, well… I hope you had a great start to YOUR Monday and new week as well. Now go and enjoy the rest of this week, have a great one ♥


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