Switzerland love

Oh how I fell in love with Switzerland this Summer! I didn’t really feel it at the time, since I was honestly more amazed by Italy. But the Switzerland love has been growing on me ever since we came home from our roadtrip this Summer, and now I can’t wait to get back there!

Switzerland is a beautiful country

The thing is, we weren’t even supposed to go to Switzerland. Initially I really wanted to fly straight to Italy. But since we found cheaper flights to Switzerland, and Zurich was fairly close to Lake Como (where we really wanted to go first), I thought – what the hell? So off to Switzerland we flew. Knowing pretty much nothing about the country… How embarrassing, we didn’t even know that they weren’t a part of the EU, which came as a complete shock for us at the airport. Oops!

Anyways. We didn’t spend a lot of days in Switzerland – but still managed to fall totally in love with the beauty of it. Because beautiful, that is what Switzerland is! Which I’m sure you can tell by the images in this post alone, but I have to tell you – it’s a million times better IRL.

Switzerland love

Want to go back for Christmas season

As I wrote, the love for Switzerland has been growing on me ever since we got back from our trip this Summer, and it seems to have done so on my boyfriend as well.

Now we’re dreaming about going back there next year during Christmas season! Imagine how beautiful it must be there when the landscapes are covered in snow and there’s Christmas lights in every corner..? Ah. I’d really love for us to go there next year, maybe in the beginning of December..? Hmm, we’ll see.

Switzerland love

Just go, you won’t be disappointed

Finally I just wanted to say, that if you’ve ever thought about going to Switzerland – just book that damn trip already! You won’t be disappointed, especially if you’re looking for beautiful scenery and cozy little villages. Be prepared to cash out though, Switzerland is an expensive country, it really is true what they say!


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