A Sunday outside

Today we spent our Sunday outside, and it was of course awesome! The sun was up, the air crisp and our moods as good as they could be. It was absolutely fabulous! Any Sunday outside is great of course, but I dare say that this was one of the absolute best Sundays outside we’ve ever had. Yes, really.

A Sunday outside

Hiking the Kuni trail

We spent our day outside hiking the Kuni trail. None of us had hiked the trail before, meaning we had no idea what to expect – but it turned out to be really great! We hiked the part of the trail that was about 6 km, which seemed enough for us today (it took us about 1,5 hours). But we already made plans about going back there soon to hike the entire trail.

The trail went through a really beautiful pine forest, and since both of us love pine trees – we we’re thrilled! A big plus with today was the weather. The weather really showed itself from it’s best side, and even though it was kind of chilly (ok so chilly that I lost sense of my fingers every time I took my gloves off to take a photo), the sun did it’s best to warm us up. I mean, look at the view above – how beautiful!? So grateful for days like these. The sun is a magic pill for happiness, 100%.

A day outside

The only problem now is that it’s a whole week until next weekend… Sure, I could go by myself during the week – but that wouldn’t be as fun as it is to have company. And I’d probably walk really fast & be freaked about wolves in the forest, lol. So, I guess I’ll have to wait another week again until the next hike in the woods. Really sucks that our days are so short this time of the year… Oh well, won’t be long until Spring and longer days are here again! *fingers crossed*

Have a nice Sunday evening

That was my day. Time to start doing something about the evening… A home workout..? Bake some raw coconut balls..? Hmm, we’ll see. Anyway, I wish you all had a great Sunday as well. Now go and have a really nice Sunday evening ♥

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