My daily breakfast

My daily breakfast at the moment is gluten-free porridge with black currants, honey and some organic crunchy (very important that it’s the crunchy version) peanut butter. And I’m completely obsessed with it, I could for sure eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner – every damn day. I’m not kidding.

A breakfast person

I’m a breakfast person, and I always have been… I cannot function without breakfast and I need to have my breakfast first thing in the morning! I just can’t understand how people can survive a day without breakfast!? I know that there are probably millions of people out in the world that doesn’t it breakfast, but to me – that’s just unbelievable! I couldn’t survive a day without my breakfast.

It’s said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and I couldn’t agree more. Breakfast is the meal I eat to load up on energy before the day starts. And since I’ve always been a doing it, and always have eaten very big portions for breakfast – my body is used to it and craves it every day.

My breakfast is always the same for a really long while. Like now I’ve been eating porridge with berries, honey and peanut butter since September. Before that I ate chia pudding with a banana and almonds every morning for like 2 years (yeah, I’m not kidding). And before that I had a long period when I ate yoghurt with flax seeds, nuts, a banana and dried berries (gojiberries or cranberries) for breakfast every morning. AND even before that it was turkish yoghurt with two kiwis. So yeah, that’s my breakfast habits! I wonder how long I’ll be eating porridge now? For years or just a couple of months..? Hmm, we’ll see. I might keep you posted!

Daily breakfast habits at the moment

What’s your daily breakfast habits?

But hey, what about you? Are you a breakfast person or not, and if so, what do you eat for breakfast? It’s always fun to read about other peoples food habits, and maybe get some tips on what to eat yourself ♥

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