Christmas inspo

Time for some Christmas inspo! I thought it was about time I shared some inspirational Christmas images for all of you that can’t wait for Christmas! I can’t say that I, myself, are in the Christmas mood yet – but I’m trying my best to get there… It might be the fact that I’ll be spending Christmas on a white, sandy beach that’s got me spooked and not feeling Christmassy at all this year… They probably do not celebrate Christmas on the Maldives, or do they..!?

Time to get in the Christmas mood

I’m usually the person who starts watching Christmas movies in the end of September, decorates and sings Christmas songs in October, got all Christmas gifts ready in November, and so in. But no, not this year..! Which is a bummer, since I’m going to London in a few weeks to experience “Christmas in London”. Hmm. Seriously need to pump up my Christmas game NOW!

With that said… Here you go, here’s some (hopefully) inspiring Christmas images for you (and me, hehe) to help you get in the Christmas mood! And no, I’m not a “red Christmas” kind of girl… To me, Christmas is all about greenery (comes from the Christmas tree, and the forest), whites (representing the snow) and lights (the more cozy lights the better!).

Christmas inspo collage

Tell me about YOUR Christmas celebrations!

Are you celebrating Christmas this year – how will you be spending it? And are you a red or a white kind of Christmas type..? I’m curious! ♥

Ps! All images in this post were found via my Pinterest account.

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