Off to London!

I’m off to London! OK, not just yet – but soon! In two and a half weeks to be exact. It will be my first time in London and I’m actually traveling alone. I tried convincing my boyfriend to come with me, but he didn’t want to come along since 1. he’s not into big cities, and 2. he couldn’t get the time off from work. So, then I asked a friend, and tried my best to try and convince her to come with me instead… But no, her reasons were 1. that she’d been to London so many times before, 2. that she’s afraid of terror in big cities these days (wtf!?) and 3. that she’s now pregnant and newly married. So yeah, I was pretty much turned down royally… But that won’t stop me, screw them – I’m going alone! Hehe.

My second solo trip

It will be my second time traveling all alone. Sure, I’ve traveled alone a LOT of times – but always had some kind of company for some part of the trip, f.ex. meetings on business trips, went to visit family on personal trips and so on. But, this will be my second time traveling completely alone, with no plan at all to visit or meet up with someone I know. And I’m sure it will be awesome!

My first completely solo -trip was this May, when I went to Alicante for 5 days. I then stayed at an Airbnb and had a great time there exploring, going to the beach and so on. In London I’ll be staying at a hotel (very cheap one I have to say, 50€ a night!). I didn’t even look at Airbnb’s in London, since I’d rather stay at a hotel this time when traveling solo. For no particular reason, I just thought it’d be fun to stay at a hotel this time.

Off to London!

So yeah, that’s that, I’m finally going to London! I really can’t believe I haven’t been there yet… It seems like London is a place that basically everyone has been to, a million times. But nah, not me. So hey all you cool “I’ve been to London at least a million times” – I’ll be joining your club pretty soon! Well, we’ll see how much I like the city, if I’ll be going back or not. If I like it, I might convince my boyfriend to go there with me another time, maybe next year..?

Help me out with your best tips!

Hey all you Londoners, or other people that have been to London enough to know about all the best places to visit, things to see, foods to eat… Hit me up! Tell me – what should I NOT miss when I go to London! Help me out and I’ll be forever grateful ♥


Ps! The images in this post are obviously not mine, I found them via, which is a pretty great image bank – and it’s free! How amazing is that!?

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