birthday girl

It’s that time of the year again… My birthday! Can’t say how I feel about it though… Being the last birthday in my twenties and all. UGH I’m getting old. But hey what can you do, it’s a fact, people get older every day and I’m no exception… So, I will embrace the day, and be happy about the fact that I still have one whole year to make my last year in the twenties the best year ever!

How am I going to celebrate this very special birthday then..? Well, by going for a morning run is just a few minutes (after I’ve published this blogpost), working from home all day, and going to some meetings in the afternoon. AND then I’m hoping to convince my boyfriend to go and play badminton or tennis with me tonight! Haven’t played either for what feels like forever… I love both tennis and badminton! I’m no pro at either, but hey it’s fun, and I’m super-competitive…

You know what? I actually bought myself the most amazing birthday gift ever two days ago… Let’s just say my boyfriend and I won’t be spending Christmas and New years anywhere near Finland this year! Instead, we’ll be on a white beach somewhere in the Indian ocean… Can you guess where we’re going? Clue: we’re island hopping (total of 3 islands), it will be about 30 celcius degrees, and two well-known Swedish influencers will be there the same time as us… The best clues ever, right? Lol!

ANYWHO. Better go out on that run I’ve planned for today! It’s sunny and a couple of minus degrees… Will for sure be a beautiful morning run! Oh and if you’re curious to know where we’re going to spend our Christmas and New years this year – make sure to follow me on my Instagram where I’ll be dropping more clues later today…

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