Take me to the ocean

Take me to the ocean, and I’ll be okay. That’s one of my mottos. I’m ALWAYS craving the ocean. There’s something about the endless waves and the infinite blue that seems to calm my restless soul…

“So much happier when I’m by the ocean”

I also feel so much happier when I’m by the ocean, than when I’m not. Maybe it’s the sense of freedom? Freedom has always been very  important to me. And freedom is the very thing that you feel when you’re looking out over the ocean, not knowing where it ends, isn’t it? Endless possibilities. That’s at least what I feel when I look out over the ocean.

I’ve also noticed that I like west coasts a whole lot more than east coasts, because on the west coast I can see the sun set into the ocean. That might be because I’m born and raised on a west coast, and that’s what feel most familiar to me. But isn’t it funny thought, how being near the ocean, and particularly being near the ocean on “the right side” is so important..?

Let’s rewind to my thoughts on freedom. Maybe this whole sunset-thing is related to the sense of freedom too? Because seeing the sun disappear into the ocean, is a proof of freedom? I mean, the sun “gets away” every night. It get’s to run away at the horizon, behind the ocean… Meaning: the ocean = a place of freedom. Hmm, am I on to something or are my thoughts just running around in circles..?

As you’re now probably guessing, I’m really kind of obsessed with the ocean. And sunsets. And freedom. They’re three things that are very important to me, and always have been. And I refuse to not think that they’re related to each other somehow. There has to be some kind of connection among the three of them, and I really do think it has to do with freedom. It just has to.

What do you guys think? Am I nuts or does this whole “blahaa” make sense?



  1. 11/19/2018 / 17:23

    Vilken superfin blogg du har! 🙂 Roligt att hitta till en fellow resebloggare här i Finland!

    • Hanna
      11/20/2018 / 10:35

      Åh tusen tack! Roligt att få en sån kommentar av dig, tycker nämligen att DU har en superfin blogg 🙂

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