Road trips are great

Road trips are great. There are so many reasons why, of course, and now I thought that I would tell you my own top reasons why they’re so great… Read on!

First and foremost. Going on a road trip is exciting! You’re basically d(r)iving into the unknown…How could anything be more exciting than that? That kind of excitement isn’t for everyone though (hey we’re all different!), but if you’re the adventurous type (like myself) – the excitement of a road trip into the unknown is just the thing for you…

Road trips are great
Road trips are great

My favorite and most exciting road trip I’ve ever been on, is definitely the road trip me and my boyfriend went on this Summer. We basically just picked a random place in Europe, bought flights two days before going, rented a car when we landed (in Zurich) and just started driving… The most spontaneous thing we’ve ever done! And it was GREAT.

We visited four new countries none of us had ever been to before and saw so many cool things. One of my favorite places we visited on the road trip, was the Dolomites in Italy. What a place! Such incredible scenery with amazingly beautiful views! Glaciers, mountains, lots and lots of greenery… It was amazing! If you ever get the chance to visit the Dolomites, DO IT! And most definitely do it as part of a road trip.

Road trips are great

The second reason why road trips are so great is because they give you so much freedom. Freedom to go wherever and freedom to stay at places for how long or short you may want! At least I feel that arranged trips can be very limited. For example, we visited Grand Canyon a couple of years ago and did so by booking an arranged trip. You know, a big gang packed in a bus with a guide or two, driving you around to see the tourist-stuff… And we regret the decision to go on an arranged trip instead of just driving there ourselves so much, still to this day! Let’s just say that we saw more t-shirts and cups with Grand Canyon printed on them than the actual Grand Canyon. What a waste of time and money.

Lesson learned: if you want to go and see some magnificent touristy thing – drive there by yourself. This will save you time and also give you so many more options. 

Road trips are great

The third and last reason I’m going to list on why road trips are so great is that they give you so many memories. So many things can happen on a road trip, anything really, and this is what creates memories. Sure, all kind of traveling creates memories – but as a road trip -lover I’m ready to say that road trips are what creates the best, and maybe also craziest, memories!

Tell me, are you a road trip -lover? What’s your favorite road trip..?


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