Pink sunsets and yolo


Pink sunsets are the best, don’t you think? I so wish this photo would be shot today, or at
least within a week or so. But no, it’s probably shot last month, or even the month before that
(September). It’s been a while since we had a proper, pink sunset… This November is all rain
and darkness, as I wrote in my blogpost yesterday. Ugh, silly birth month.

OK I’ll stop complaining about the sucky November weather now, for now at least. I make
no promises, if the weather stays the same for long – I’ll probably complain again, a little…

OK OK moving on… To YOLO! Yes, that’s right, I’m “that” person. The person who says yolo. Do you
think I’m weird now? Maybe a little un-cool..? But hey what the hell, you only live once. It’s the truth
damnit. So I’ll say my yolo, and I’ll say it proud. Because I live by the principle “you only live once”,
and I really think that you should too. You owe it to the world, and to yourself, to live your life while
you still have a life to live. Live each day to the fullest, take chances, dream, follow your dreams, be
happy. You know? Just do it. Be happy to be alive. Nothing else is more important than living.


Pink sunsets and yolo


So how do I “yolo” exactly? Well, I LOVE to travel. So, whenever I travel, I’m definitely living by the
yolo-attitude. A lot of people are afraid to travel because they feel it’s expensive. Sure, traveling can
be expensive. But I must say, that in my opinion – it’s worth every penny. You learn so much, and
see so many amazing things when traveling – things that are worth so much more than just the
“expensive” money you put in it. I mean, what else are you putting your money on, clothes you
never wear? No but her seriously, traveling is worth the money you put into it. For. Sure.



Feel welcome to share your thoughts – do you agree with me or
do you have another opinion on traveling and my yolo-attitude..?


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