The perfect feed 
Having the perfect feed on Instagram is a struggle. And how important it is debatable.
I’m however one of those who really believe that the feed needs to be good, it doesn’t
necessarily need to be “perfect” – but it should be consistent and follow at least
some kind of style. And of course also be a clear representation of you/your profile.

I used to be one of those who just “spits” out post after post on Instagram. Sure, I would
say I’m an OK photographer, but my photos didn’t always look that great together in the feed…
Lately I’ve however been trying to create “the perfect feed” on my Instagram profile – and
you can see what it currently looks like in the image above. I wouldn’t say I’m 100 % happy
with it, neither will I ever be, but I do think it’s OK for now. I’ve definitely found my style.

I do put a lot of effort in having good-looking pictures, and having the look good
together. I edit each photo separately, and even though they probably don’t look THAT
edited – I can assure, every picture has been edited for quite a lot of minutes. Oh the
photo apps my photos go through… Haha! But I definitely think it’s worth it. When I have
a good looking feed and I feel comfortable with it, it’s much easier for me to try and market
my profile for more followers. And I have noticed that I’m getting more followers and
more acitivity since I started putting more time on creating “the perfect feed”.


But what is your opinion on Instagram feeds – do they need to be
“perfect”? What do you think? Please feel free to share your opinions in
the comment field, I’m honestly really curious to hear what you think!


PS, here are three women that put a LOT of effort in having the perfect feed.
I think they’re doing a spectacular job… I mean, WOW!


Victoria Törnegren Instagram


First off is Victoria Törnegren. I’ve followed her since day one, and she’s always
been of my favorite style muse:s. She’s still got it!


Frassy Instagram


Next up is Frassy, or Audrey Leighton Rogers as her real name is. I’ve been following her
for almost as long as Victoria, and her style just keeps on delivering. She writes amazing
captions as well, make sure to read them! Oh and her stories are the BEST!


Angelica Blick Instagram


Third one up is Angelica Blick. I remember how I basically hated her and tried soooo
hard to not follow her – because I thought she looked bitchy (I really can’t stand bitchy people,
is such a waste of precious time to be NICE in this world). But since I started watching her vlogs
and found out she’s a Scorpio (like myself) I’ve basically loved her. She’s got a great personality
and always posts stunning images. Oh and she also posts a lot of stories = great!


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