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    Inspo for november


    SOS, need some inspo for November! Is it just me or is this November gloomier than
    usual..? There’s absolutely NO sunshine, it’s cold and everywhere you look outside it’s
    just grey, grey and  boring. I’ve tried to stay positive about November (hey it’s my birth
    month), but I surrender… November sucks!

    The only way to survive this month is by trying to gather some inspo and use it as
    motivation. Here I’ve gathered some images (all of them found via Pinterest), that brings
    at least me some motivation and hope. Please feel free to get inspired!


    Inspo for November


    A cute, sleeping kitten… YES PLEASE come and cuddle with me.


    Inspo for November


    This bed looks so cozy. I could dive in right now, and never get up.


    Inspo for November


    This coat is everything, The color is PERFECT. I almost bought a coat like this, in the exact
    same color – but I didn’t it. And I regret it to this day. Always. Buy. The. Coat. You. Like.


    Inspo for November


    Find me this beach and take me there, asap. Never have I ever been in such need of a
    beach vacay as I am now… Seriously. I NEED to feel the sun on my skin, the sand on
    my toes, hear the sound of waves crashing in… Maybe we should book a beach
    vacay for the Christmas holidays..? YASS.


    Inspo for November


    Ok so this hair color, is the hair color I’ve always wanted. I had it for a Summer
    or two when I was a kid, but my hair hasn’t been this light in ages… I really want to
    bleach my hair in a natural way, but I don’t know if I can trust a hairdresser to succeed?
    My hair is thick as horsehair and always pretty hard to change in any kind of way…
    Straight hair in my natural brown hair color it is. Ugh.


    Inspo for November


    And last but not least… Yet ANOTHER beach photo. I told you, I’m craving the
    beach like never before… Should I convince my boyfriend to come with me to
    Thailand or Bali this Christmas? Or maybe the Philipines..?



    All images were found via my Pinterest account, do join my other 34854
    followers and hit the ‘follow’ -button on my account here. THANKS!



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