A day outside
Yesterday, Sunday, we spent almost the entire day outside, and it was great! We
experienced everything from snowy landscapes to sunny hiking trails in the woods. Nature
is amazing and sure does wonders for your soul, and most of all for your happiness. I went to
bed with the biggest of smiles, as I always do when I’ve spent most of a day outside.

A day outside
We had heard rumors about there being snow on Replot, so we decided to go and
see for ourselves. It turned out to true – when we got out to Björköby in Replot, we were met
by a snowy landscape! It was, as always, so much fun seeing the first snow of the season.

A day outsideA day outsideA day outside
The weather was really great when we first got there, sunny and pretty warm.
But after a while some really dark clouds started rolling in… Another while later it was
pouring down snow like crazy! We surely got a little more snow than we bargained for.

As the snow poured down, the weather turned chilly in an instant, and as we didn’t feel
quite ready to face the harshness of the winter yet, we decided to go home.

A day outside
As we were driving home, we noticed that the weather got better and better the closer
to home we got. And since we didn’t feel quite done with nature for the day yet, we decided
to stop at yet another place, for another round of hiking. And man was that a good idea… The
forest was so peaceful, and the weather could not have been better – it was pure bliss!

Later, when we got home, we felt so good about ourselves and so pleased that we
had made the decision to spend the day outside. As I said earlier, nature is amazing.


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