Falassarna beach in Crete

Greece is a magnificent country
with a ton of beautiful islands.
Or so I’ve heard,I’ve actually just been to one of those islands: Crete.



Falassarna beach in Crete

We visited Crete this Fall
, just a couple of weeks ago actually, to celebrate my
boyfriends mom and stepdad who both turned 60 this year (congrats to them!).

We were quite a big crew who went on the trip; 10 adults and 4 kids. Phew!
To survive a week on Crete without getting too pissed at each other etc. we decided
to all stay at a hotel, which turned out to be a pretty great move.


Falassarna beach in Crete

Okay okay, enough with the smalltalk! Let’s go to the topic of this blogpost:
Falassarna beach! The thing is, one day we rented a car (or 4 of us adults did)
and drove out to what turned out to be such a beautiful place: Falassarna beach.
We even went back there two days later.



Falassarna beach in Crete

Falassarna beach had the clearest, most turquoise waters I’ve ever seen
(hey the above image is edited af to suit my IG feed…). We just couldn’t get enough
of swimming or playing beach-tennis in the water (btw, the perfect activity when
you want to work out while getting tan!).



Falassarna beach in Crete

I was however sick (the flu, fever – you know the drill), so I was pretty stoked
about the beach 
having some  pretty comfortable, and stylish looking (great for
good pictures hey!) sunbeds. 
They were perfect for taking breaks from the water
activities, to lay on and read a book or two.

I actually read one of my absolute favorites books this year on a sunbed in Falassarna.
The book 
is called “You are a badass” and is written by an author named Jen Sincero
I truly urge you to 
read it. It’s awesome! So inspiring and a real kick-in-the-butt self-help book.


Falassarna beach in Crete
One “funny” thing about Falassarna beach is that it seemed to be
pretty popular among nudists (yeah I saw some weeners I could’ve lived on
without seeing…). But the beach is really huge 
and long, so you can choose
the area that is best suited for you!

– Go to the left side of the beach if you want to be “where
everyone is”,among lots of sunbeds, kids, you name it.

– Go to the middle area of the beach if you want some more calm,
fewer kids,but still a great sandy beach with lots of sunbeds.

– Go to the right side of the beach if you want lots of privacy,
naked amongnudists and swim at a rockier area of the beach
(pictured in the first image of this blogpost).


Falassarna beach in Crete
The beach has a beautiful mountain backdrop, and when you drive down from
the mountains 
to the beach, you’ll see some pretty huge olive tree plantations.
Unfortunately I do not have a good picture of the view from the mountains down to
Falassarna beach, nor of the olive trees – but hey it’s better experienced live (everything
is).  By mentioning the fact that there are olive tree plantations, I think it’s pretty obvious
that Falassarna beach is kind of a great place to buy some olive oil at!


Falassarna beach in Crete

So, that was that about Falassarna beach. I only have one more thing to say
about it: go there if you ever find yourself on Crete and want to go to a
beautiful beach!You won’t regret it, I promise ♥

PS! Here’s another post with more pictures from our trip to Greece this Fall.

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