Vacay vibe movie: The talented Mr Ripley

I’m a dreamer, I constantly dream about the next travel destination. If I can’t still my
dream by booking a new trip to look forward to, I try to watch a movie that will give
me a vacay vibe instead. Here are my top 3 vacay vibe movies!

1. The talented Mr. Ripley – the movie that will make you dream away to Greece and Italy…
I’ve watched this movie many times, and I still find it so interesting. It is a psychological
thriller, and really intriguing. I love it. And the surroundings in it, so dreamy & beautiful!

Vacay vibe movie: The Tourist2. The Tourist – the movie that will make you crave Venice AND get a major girl
crush on Angelina Jolie (if you didn’t already have one) I mean, how out-of-this-world
beautiful isn’t she? And I feel she is extra beautiful in this movie.

Vacay vibe movie: The Holiday

3. The Holiday – the movie that will make you dream of traveling to the English countryside,
and falling in love with the charmingly handsome Jude Law… Ah! This movie is one of my
all-time-faves and I watch it every year in December. And every year I swear that the next
year I will book a trip to England, to roadtrip through the countryside… Maybe next year!

What’s YOUR top 3 movies to watch when you’re dreaming of a vacay?

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