Monday motivation 1

Having motivation on a Monday morning isn’t always that easy… You usually
wake up really early, it’s cold, it’s dark, you’re tired and you’re really pissed about
it not being the weekend anymore. Weekends are usually really great (at least mine
usually are), and you don’t want them to end – but then there comes Monday again.

But HEY, it is possible to wake up happy and motivated on a Monday morning –
you just have to decide to be it. It all starts in our head. But if you can’t program
your head to have Monday motivation just like that…

Monday motivation 2

Here are my tips & tricks on how to get motivated on a Monday morning!
At least this is how I got motivated this Monday (which was yesterday btw).

First, you get up really early. 7 a.m. to be specific (or earlier, if you’re an insane
morning person), and don’t snooze. Snoozing is the devil, I promise you…
When you start snoozing you won’t be able to stop, at least that’s the case for me,
and also the reason why I usually don’t snooze. “If you snooze, you loose”
is also a famous quote, so, live by it – OK?

Then, after getting up, make yourself a nice breakfast and sit down and
do some work (if you can work from home that will say) straight away while eating
your breakfast. My work-motivation is always on top in the morning, straight after
I wake up (and then again in the night, just before I go to sleep) – and that’s why I
usually work while eating breakfast. Getting work done while eating breakfast really
is one the best feelings, because then you start your day by feeling like you’ve
done great and accomplished something. Boom!

Monday motivation 3

Around lunchtime – go for a walk if the weather is nice. Yesterday was really nice
here in Vasa, so I went out on a long walk in the beautiful, sunny Fall-weather.
And it made me feel so happy and great about myself.  Long walks in the sun are
always a sure mood-booster! No matter how you feel before, when you go out and
exercise in sunny weather – you’ll start feeling great in an instant.

Monday motivation 4

So those were three of my best tips and tricks on how to get Monday motivation.
If you want to boost your motivation even further, make sure to do a really sweaty
workout every Monday! I usually go out for a really long run on Monday nights, that
way I feel great about myself all week; “I started this week with a great run,
I’m awesome”. Starting your week off with a great accomplishment like that,
will also make you motivated to do more workouts that week. I promise you –
it works, so please try it next Monday if you haven’t already!

What’s YOUR best tips on how to get Monday motivation?


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