Beautiful city of Stockholm

Stockholm, the beautiful capital of Sweden, is a city that attracts visitors from all
over the world. Therefore it’s also very packed with nice hotels. But where should
one stay, which are the best hotels..? Taking the breakfasts, locations and hotel
room rooms in consideration – here is a my first post in a series of three posts on my
best hotel tips in Stockholm (based on my own experience).

At six hotel

The first hotel that I’m going to recommend, is also the most luxurious hotel
I’ve stayed at in Stockholm: Hotel At Six. It has a 5 star rating and let me tell you,
it has earned it. The hotel has an insane design, so stylish and luxurious.
Very dark and kind of sexy – I really love it!

At six hotel

The hotel bathrooms are famous for their golden details (shower sil pictured above),
which add to the luxuriousness. What I really enjoy about this hotel, and what is a MUST
at every 5-star hotel is: that there’s bathrobes and slippers in every room!

The bed in my room when I stayed at the hotel (for two nights) was actually two
single beds, but both 120 cm, so when I pushed them real close together – I had a
240 cm sized bed… AH-MAZING! I felt like such a queen sleeping there. The bed (-s)
was also really comfy, and I dit get a really great night sleep. So good that I didn’t want
to get up the next morning..!

Hotel At Six breakfast

Two other great things about this hotel is the breakfast and the location of
the hotel (it’s located at the new and hip Brunkebergstorg, close to the Centralstation,
Åhlens city etc.).

Hotel At Six bathroom selfie

Oh, I almost forgot… The lighting in the hotel rooms are really great for selfies! Haha.

Hotek At Six gym Hotel At Six gym

There are a few minuses with the hotel though, one for example: the
hotel has a very large gym – but it’s in a rather (in my opinion) scary basement. Another
minus is the view from the hotel; there isn’t really a view – sure you see Brunkebergstorg,
but that’s just ugly concrete buildings and a lot of taxis driving around.

Hotel At Six minibar

Despite the two minuses, this is a really great hotel and I do think you should
consider booking it the next time you’re in Stockholm! It’s a little pricier than the
regular Stockholm hotel, but it’s worth it, I promise.


Have you already stayed at Hotel At Six in Stockholm – please
tell me what you thought of it, I’m really curious!

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