Me and my better half out on the ice earlier today. We took a little 
Sunday winter walk in the sun – very refreshing! It’s freezing outside.
Me yesterday just before I headed out to run some errands. I’m wearing a new winter coat 
I bought with a giftcard I got for Christmas. The coat is from Stadium and by the brand Everest.
On Friday night me and my Kånken-backpack spent 
the night at school attending an open university course.
A few nights ago I made this deliciousness for me and my boyfriend. YUM!
Another night a few nights ago I made us some very healthy smoothies. 
Ingredients? Fresh mango, pineapple, frozen banana & buckthorn berries.
The week of New Years eve we drove up north and spent the week at a spa-hotel in Kuusamo.
We did a whole lot of snowmobile driving – which was so much fun! 
…thought it was extremely cold! Especially at this place, in Kuntivaara (close to the Russian border).
But damn the forests were pretty!
We even saw some reindeer!
The hotel was we stayed at was very cozy and still all christmassy.
…and the breakfasts were amazing! They even had gluten-free waffles!

The food at the local O’learys restaurant was awesome, and we had dinner there every night, haha.
On New Years Eve we went outside to drink some champagne and watch the fireworks.
Driving home from Kuusamo. Happy about the week but still sad about having to go home.
So, that’s what I’ve been up to lately. Mostly just enjoying winter!

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